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Switching Lan Consoles; Planned Switches - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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Switching LAN Consoles

The xscon command can also be started from an X terminal emulation that is not
connected directly to the Solaris PC, e.g. XVision.
To ensure correct key binding, (see VirtualBindings(3X), xmbind(1X)), you should
carry out one of the following steps beforehand:
Ê Copy the file /usr/dt/lib/bindings/sun_at under the name .motifbind to the user's
home directory, or
Ê add an entry with the name of the maker of the X server to xmbind.alias. The
maker name can be ascertained with the xdpyinfo command. For XVision, the
entry would have to be:
"Visionware Limited."
Ê If you are using /usr/dt/lib/bindings/xmbind.alias, you must also set
in the .profile file.
If you are using a private copy of xmbind.alias in the home directory, you must
also copy /usr/dt/lib/bindings/sun_at to the home directory.
Switching LAN Consoles
The LAN Console is switched when representation of consoles from RM or
PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers, i.e. console access to these systems, is to be
handled from another LAN Console in the future. The connection to the RM and
PRIMEPOWER systems involved must be established via the same RCAs from
both LAN Consoles.
The prerequisite for this is that another LAN Console supporting the same con-
sole accesses has been configured. For access to an RM or PRIMEPOWER
system, at least the port number of the RCA and the password allocated to this
port must be identical.

Planned switches

In this scenario, the activities of a LAN Console are planned to be taken over by
another LAN Console for organizational reasons, i.e. the two underlying LAN
Consoles are fully functional.