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Modifying The Configuration Entry For An Rca Port; Modifying The Rca Setup Parameters; Removing A Lan Console - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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Modifying the configuration entry for an RCA port

Ê Remove the configuration entry with rmlancon and use mklancon to create the
modified configuration entry.
Ê Change the port password in RCA setup if the password that you specify in
mklancon does not match the one in the removed configuration entry.

Modifying the RCA setup parameters

Sample screens are given in the Appendix to this manual.
If you are using the LAN Console on a PRIMEPOWER (MR), the line speed for
the connected port of the RCA must be set in the RCA setup to 9600 baud, see
the section "Ports" in the Appendix.

Removing a LAN Console

Ê Delete all configuration entries, for example using
/opt/SMAW/SMAWxsco/sbin/rmlancon -a
Ê Remove any host entries for the LAN Console from every connected RCA;
Ê Disable the BOOTP service for every RCA (see the section "Diagnostics" on
page 83), for example with
/opt/SMAW/SMAWrins/bin/add_RM_client -d <RCA SystemName>
If you are not working with DNS, the RCA SystemName will be removed from
the etc/hosts file.
Uninstall all software packages of the LAN Console product.
Configuring the LAN Console and RCA