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Installing The Lan Console - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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LAN Console

Installing the LAN Console

Pay attention to the safety notes when installing the LAN Console.
The LAN Console should only be installed in a specially designated posi-
tion. This can be checked from the diagrams on the next pages.
The device should not be subjected to any extreme environmental con-
ditions (see "Environmental conditions" on page 13). It should be pro-
tected from dust, humidity and heat.
The must be at least 200 mm free space to the front and rear of the sys-
tem unit, so that the unit is adequately ventilated. The fan areas on the
monitor and system unit should not be covered.
Do not place any objects over 40 kg in weight on the system unit and do
not stack several system units above one another.
We recommend you position the devices on a non-slip surface. Because
different coatings and varnishes are used on furniture, it is entirely pos-
sible that the plastic feet on the device could damage the surface.
Startup and operation