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Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation page 110

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Firmware update
Here you can specify the password of the user who is entitled to access the firm-
ware images.
This password is stored in the RCA in plain text, i.e. it is not encrypted, so it
should only be used for updating the firmware.
Save Settings And Update Now
If you select Save Settings And Update Now, all settings that have been defined in
the setup routine are saved (in the same way as for the Save option on the Exit
screen page), and the new firmware is downloaded from the specified server.
The terminal is restarted several times during this operation. When the update
has been completed successfully, a new firmware version number appears on
the System Information screen page.
Restore Factory Defaults
If you select Restore Factory Defaults, the settings on all screen pages of the
setup routine are put back in the state they were in when the device left the fac-