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Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation page 8

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Throughout this manual, the name PRIMEPOWER (MR) always refers to
the models 100N, 200, 400 and 600. If you have a GP7000 F midrange
(M200/M400/M600) machine, all of the PRIMEPOWER (MR) information
applies to your machine also, because the name GP7000F has been
changed to PRIMEPOWER.
Mixed operation RM/PRIMEPOWER (MR and EP)
The midrange models referred to from both system families can be man-
aged in mixed mode from a LAN Console with the xscon user interface.
xscon and SCS (System Console Software) can be operated in parallel
on a LAN console with the relevant hardware/software configuration.
It is not only possible to use the LAN Console in its console function but also for
(network-based) system administration, configuration, diagnostics and software
installation and distribution for one or more RM or PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers.
Furthermore, multiple clustered RM or PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers can be
configured, administered and monitored from one console.
The Teleservice connection for all networked RM or PRIMEPOWER (MR) serv-
ers is also handled via the LAN Console (Teleservice gateway) so only one line
to the Service organization is needed for all networked RM or PRIMEPOWER
(MR) servers.
When connected to a LAN (local area network), the console can be located at
any point in the LAN, for example in another room or building. The distance is
no longer restricted to 15 m max. The existing V.24 console interfacing has not
been changed so that the console can be used both for existing and new RM or
PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers.
The LAN Console product consists of a SPARC-based machine with the Solaris
Version 8 operating system, the Solaris Desktop Media Kit, and the LAN con-
sole software (see "Installing the software packages" on page 25).
A Remote Communication Adapter (RCA) is needed to establish a connection
from the LAN Console to the RM or PRIMEPOWER (MR) server's console port.
Up to six RM or PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers can be connected to this RCA.
Multiple RCAs can be installed. Up to 64 RM or PRIMEPOWER (MR) systems
can be managed from the LAN Console.
RM and PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers can be operated in combination on an
The RCA and LAN Console must be ordered separately.