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Telecall - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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The LAN Console is the central point of Teleservice access to the networked
systems that can be reached from the LAN Console. It therefore makes sense
to send TeleCall messages via it, too, and not via a local Teleservice connection
for every machine.
The Telecall service is available with the Logging V3.0 software on the Reliant
UNIX for RM or Solaris 8 for PRIMEPOWER (MR) server platforms. TeleCall
enables a specific response to internal events and allows a message to be sent
automatically to the support center.
The TeleCall service can only be used in conjunction with the support center
that is responsible for you. If you are interested in using TeleCall for your
RM/PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers, it is essential you get in touch with your con-
tact person at Service before activating it, or call your hotline telephone number
(0180/5-2202 in Germany) and inquire about a TeleCall connection or call up
the following page on the Internet:
One of the components of Logging V3.0 is event management.
Event management is an instrument that defines events on the basis of error
messages and the frequency with which they occur and initiates reactions
according to these events.
An event occurs when the number of times that an error is reported within a cer-
tain period reaches the defined threshold value.
The events and reactions are described in event and reaction definitions. You
can display and edit these definitions using the event management functions
under sysadm (Reliant UNIX) (-> Protocols -> Logging V3.0 -> event management).
The events are stored under $LOGPATH/filters and the reactions are stored
under $LOGPATH/reactions. For more information about error management with
TeleCall, refer to the manual "Error Diagnostics and Troubleshooting".
The following software packages allow you to configure a TeleCall cluster for
computers that can be reached from the LAN Console:
– SItelx (Domain Teleservice Distribution) for Reliant UNIX
– SMAWtelx for Solaris 8