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Remote Boot Und Installation - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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Remote boot und installation

This chapter only describes the steps and commands that are needed to use
the LAN Console as a boot and installation server for RM machines. What
needs to be done to set up the LAN Console as a boot and installation server
for Solaris machines (e.g. PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers) can be seen in the
manuals titled "Solaris Installation Library" and "Solaris Advanced Installation
Guide". The required steps and commands are described there. User and ser-
vice manuals for the PRIMEPOWER system are listed in the section "PRIME-
POWER publications" on page 121.
SMAWrins must be installed
The SMAWrins package must be installed on the LAN Console no matter
whether an RM system or a PRIMEPOWER system is connected
because tools from the SMAWrinspackage are also used when the
BOOTP service is activated for the RCA (see "BOOTP service for RCA"
on page 48).
Only the RM600 Exx (apart from the E20/E60 models) from Reliant UNIX V5.45
on can be booted and installed over a LAN.
Remote boot and installation are not started from the LAN Console's CD drive
but from the hard disk. The prerequisite for this function is that the SMAWrins
package has been installed from the system management CD and that there is
enough disk capacity to hold the data for the installation process (500-650 MB
per version).
It is possible to provide different operating system versions on a server in paral-
Special shell scripts are available to make it easier to set up a server. They are
shipped with the SMAWrins package and are located on the system under the
/opt/SMAW/SMAWrins/bin path. The following scripts are available:
This sets up an RM boot and installation server on the LAN Console.
This starts the DHCP service in BOOTP mode on the LAN Console.
This is used to enter and delete clients for remote installation on the LAN
Remote boot und installation