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Connecting To The Rm Server - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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Connecting the cables

Connecting to the RM server

Do the following when you have placed the RCA system in a suitable position
or installed it in the rack:
Ê Connect the RCA to the LAN
Ê Connect the COM port to the RM system with the corresponding cable as
Figure 17: Connecting the RCA to the device backplane (here an RM600 E45 model)
Ê Connect the cable to the pins which are at the top of the HIOS or EHIOS
basic controller.
Ê Attach the connector as shown.
Cables should not prevent the rear door being closed
When connecting the cables, always make sure that the rear door of the
system cabinet can be closed again without difficulty.
Ê Secure the connector with its screw fasteners.
Installing the RCA