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Error Situations; No Response From The Rca; Failure To Establish A Connection - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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Error situations

Error situations

No response from the RCA

If the RCA does not respond to ping after booting or if the RCA setup routine
cannot be executed as described, then all network parameter details (MAC
address, IP address, ...) stated under "Preparing the setup data" on page 45
have to be checked.
The prerequisites for configuration were that the RCA could be accessed in the
LAN network and that the required console connections had been inserted.
Consequently it is only incorrect setup data that comes into question as the
cause of the RCA failing to respond.
So that the setup data can take effect when it has been corrected, it is first nec-
essary to cancel the bootp service that was activated under "BOOTP service for
RCA" on page 48.
You do this with the following command:
/opt/SMAWrins/bin/add_RM_client -D <RCA SystemName>
You can now correct the setup data as described under "Preparing the setup
data" on page 45 or in the work file that was created as described in this section.
Then you have to carry out the actions described in "BOOTP service for RCA"
on page 48.

Failure to establish a connection

The establishment of a connection between the LAN Console and the RCA is
rejected if xscon was not called by the root user.
During connection establishment, the password that was allocated to the port in
question is checked in order to control access to the RCA. If connection estab-
lishment is terminated because of a password mismatch or an internal timeout
on the part of the LAN Console or RCA, then entries are written to /var/saf/lan-
console/log (see the section "Log files" on page 83):