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Connecting The Lan Console To The Power Supply - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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LAN Console
You may only connect the power cable for the monitor to the monitor
socket on the system unit if the power consumption of the monitor is
less than 1.5 A (for 230 V) or 3 A (for 115 V). You will find the values
for the monitor's power consumption in the technical data for the
monitor itself or in the Operating Manual for the monitor.
On system units without a main switch, the ON/OFF button does not
disconnect the monitor socket on the system unit from the mains. A
monitor connected to the monitor socket must always be discon-
nected using its own ON/OFF button.

Connecting the LAN Console to the power supply

Ê Check the power supply setting.
The value displayed or indicated with the arrow must conform with the
local power supply:
115 = 100 V to 125 V
Changing the power supply when it is set incorrectly
Your LAN Console has a main switch on the rear of the system unit in
addition to the ON/OFF button on the front. The power supply setting is
found beneath this switch.
Ê Unscrew the plug-in element at the groove (1), rotate it and insert it back into
place again.
Overview of connections
230 = 200 V to 240 V