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Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation page 55

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Configuring the LAN Console and RCA
The RCA_config_file command argument defines the file that the user copied
from the template and filled by means of the setup template named 'setup.tpl'.
The content is analyzed by a shell and loaded, i.e. the entries must comply with
the shell syntax rules (e.g. values must follow straight after the "=" character).
Syntax and/or plausibility errors are reported and cause the script to terminate.
If a BOOTP configuration already exists for the RCA in question, this results in
an error termination. The password for RCA setup is requested in a dialog. The
passwords for the TCP ports which have been declared as console access are
read from the RTTY configuration if possible. If this is not possible, these are
also requested in a dialog.
When all checks have been completed, the actual BOOTP entries are carried out
in the BOOTP server for the RCA.
Now the RCA can be switched on and be supplied with the necessary network
parameters by the LAN Console in its capacity as a BOOTP server.
Switching on the RCA
The supplied setup data is made available in the RCA when the device is
switched on the first time.
After booting, the RCA must be addressable in the network by means of a ping
command from the LAN Console.
The setup data that is transferred during the boot process must now be stored
in the RCA in order to take effect after every reboot. When this data has been
stored, it is not possible to reboot by loading the setup data from the boot server
again because this facility is disabled when the data is generated with the mkrca
The setup data is stored by calling the RCA setup routine remotely from the LAN
rsh <RCA SystemName> setup -display
<LAN Console SystemName>:0
An error message is reported if the remote call is not input correctly (see the
section "Incorrect remote call of RCA setup" on page 88).
The password for RCA setup is requested on the first screen page (see the
chapter "BOOTP service for RCA" on page 48 and the section "Language/Key-
board" on page 91 in the appendix. Then you have to execute the Save function
in the Exit dialog ("Exit" on page 106). Error situations are described in the sec-
tion "Diagnostics" on page 83.