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Installing The Rca; Connecting The Cables - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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Installing the RCA

A Remote Communication Adapter (RCA) is needed to connect the LAN Con-
sole to the RM and PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers that it is to monitor and oper-
ate. The existing V.24-based console interfacing concept for the RM/PRIME-
POWER (MR) has been retained. The LAN Console is based on
SPARC/Solaris 8 and is connected to the LAN via TCP/IP (see figure "Architec-
ture of the LAN Console" on page 8). The RCA may also be installed in a
19-inch rack (see chapter "LAN Console" on page 9).
RCA does not support SIDATA
The RCA does not support SIDATA and therefore has to be installed by
our Service organization.
The safety aspects of this process are described in the chapter "Safety notes"
on page 5.

Connecting the cables

V.24 and LAN cables are not included in the package automatically and
have to be ordered separately. Refer to the "Cable types" on page 34 for
order numbers.
Figure 15: Connections on the rear of the device