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Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation page 100

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Net Mask
Enter the net mask in the four fields here.
The net mask changes if the IP address is changed. The IP address is also con-
figured on this page.
The system changes the net mask automatically in this case, i.e. it sets it in
accordance with the change that has been made to the IP address. If this auto-
matic adjustment does not correspond to the particular conditions of your net-
work you have to enter the required net mask yourself. Your network adminis-
trator will be able to tell you what is required.
It is necessary to specify gateways for connections between the RCA and sta-
tions that are in a different logical segment of the LAN. Enter one or more gate-
ways here.
Type the address of a new gateway in the four fields that are available and con-
firm your input with Add.
To delete an existing gateway, select it and press Remove.