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Switching Because Of Problems; Diagnostics; Log Files - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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So that console accesses to the same RM and PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers
can take place from the other LAN Console, all active connections involving the
current LAN Console have to be terminated. This can be done with the "~."
The connections to the required RM and PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers can then
be established from the "new" LAN Console.

Switching because of problems

In this scenario, console accesses to the RM and PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers
have to take place from another LAN Console because of problems with the cur-
rent LAN Console.
If it was impossible to terminate console accesses from the original LAN Con-
sole properly, then these connections are still open on the RCA side. The sec-
tion "Disrupted RCA - LAN Console connection" on page 87 provides informa-
tion on resetting such connections.


This section provides information on the diagnostic facilities in the LAN Console
product. It describes logging properties of the rtty monitor and the internal
impact of creating configuration entries. It goes on to describe diagnostic
options and error situations involving the RCA.

Log files

When the LAN Console is configured, the rtty monitor is activated internally.
The rtty monitor is started and stopped via sac (Service Access Control). This
stores status information in the /var/saf/_log log file. The rtty monitor is identified
in this log file by port monitor <LAN Console SystemName>.
rtty-specific details, i.e. information on the rtty connections between the LAN
Console and the RCA, are stored in the /var/saf/lanconsole/log log file.
The degree of detail of this information depends on the rtty trace level.
Trace level 0 is enabled by default. Up to 6 trace levels are available at present.
They are set by means of the following rtty command: