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Software Installation; Generating The Software - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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The modem has a low-voltage switch at the rear. Before connecting the plug-in
power supply unit to the modem, make sure the low-voltage switch is off. Finally
plug the power supply unit into a normal 230 V mains socket and turn the low-
voltage switch on again.

Software installation

Before installing the Teleservice package, you have to check the following set-
tings and change them if necessary:
Ê Check the default settings for the useradd(1M) command.
useradd -D
If the default setting for basedir points to /home use
useradd -D -b /export/home
to change this to /export/home
When you have finished these preparations, install the Teleservice package
(SMAWtssv) from the system management CD using the pkgadd command.

Generating the software

The screens depicted in this section show a sample configuration. Since some
screens depend on the parameters that have been input, the generation pro-
cess may involve some different screen texts or different screens.