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Initial Configuration Of The Lan Console And Rca - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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Configuring the LAN Console and RCA

Initial configuration of the LAN Console and RCA

Initial configuration of the LAN Console and RCA takes place in two stages. In
the first stage at least one console access to an RM or PRIMEPOWER (MR)
server is defined for initial configuration of the LAN Console. In the second stage
the configuration data for the RCA is created on the LAN Console and sent to
the RCA via bootp request.
Before a LAN Console and RCA are configured for the first time it is necessary
to take some action and obtain the required information:
The network administrator must define the following in the LAN:
– IP address of the RCA and LAN Console. The LAN Console must be
accessible by network commands, e.g. ping.
– System name of the RCA (notifying this system name to the DNS server
(Domain Name Service) if applicable).
– If the LAN Console and the RCA are located in different subnets, the
gateway between them must pass the bootp requests. This has to be set
beforehand in the router.
Obtain the following information on the LAN:
– Domain name
– Subnet mask of the RCA
– If a gateway has been set up: IP address of the gateway into the subnet
of the RCA
– IP address of the DNS server if one has been set up
Ascertain the Ethernet address (MAC address) of the RCA
The MAC address is the hardware address that is used to access a device
initially. The Ethernet address (MAC address) is shown on a sticker attached
to the RCA housing.
Define the allocation of RCA ports. The COM1-6 ports are mapped to port
numbers 3001-3006:
– Allocate the RCA ports to RM PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers.
– Define a symbolic name and password for each RCA port/RM/PRIME-
POWER (MR) server allocation (see the section "Configuring the LAN
Console" below for entering the password).