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Glossary - HP StoreEver MSL2024 User And Service Manual

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barcode reader
Class A digital
Class I laser
daisy chaining
data cartridge
drive bay
drive cleaning
drive module
Fibre Channel
A component of the robot that is used for cartridge identification and
position calibration.
The plastic housing around a cartridge tape. A plastic leader block is
attached to the tape for automatic threading when loaded in transport. The
spine of the cartridge contains a label listing the volume identification
The slot in the magazine that is used to store a tape cartridge.
Class A equipment is intended for commercial installation.
Class 1 lasers are products where the power of the laser beam produced
(the accessible emission) is always below the Maximum Permissible
Exposure value. Therefore, for Class 1 lasers the output power is below
the level at which it is believed eye damage will occur. Exposure to the
beam of a Class 1 laser will not result in eye injury. Class 1 lasers may
therefore be considered eye safe.
A tape cartridge that contains special material to clean the tape path in a
transport or drive. Ultrium cleaning cartridge labels have a CLN prefix.
Command Line Interface
Parallel SCSI peripherals can be daisy chained together. Each device has
a second port used to connect the next device in line. The last device in
the chain must be terminated.
A term used to distinguish a cartridge onto which a tape drive may write
data from a cartridge used for cleaning purposes.
The device that the device uses to record data onto tapes.
The space where the drive module resides.
A device feature that uses a cleaning cartridge to clean a tape drive.
The entire assembly that houses the drive, including the metal housing
and connectors.
The process of changing data into a form that cannot be read until it is
deciphered, protecting the data from unauthorized access and use.
Electrostatic discharge. The release of static electricity from one conductor
to another.
A local-area, packet-switched network technology. Originally designed for
coaxial cable, it now also runs over shielded, twisted-pair cable. Ethernet
is a 10 or 100 Megabytes-per-second LAN.
A significant device occurrence (such as drive errors, online/offline
transition, drive cleaning, and other information) that is listed in an
automated log.
The action in which the device places a cartridge into the mailslot so that
the operator can remove the cartridge. Also called eject.
Fibre Channel.
A network technology primarily used for storage networks.
Gigabyte. A unit of storage, abbreviated as G or GB, equal to 1,024
An activity in which a robot obtains a cartridge from a slot or drive.
Graphical user interface. Software that allows the user to control the device
through visual screens.
An acronym for host bus adapter, an interface card which plugs into the
computer's bus and connects it to the network.


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