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Glossary - HP Pocket Playlist User Manual

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Common Internet File System (CIFS)
A protocol for how a computer requests files from other computers on the network. This is the public
version of the Server Message Block Protocol by IBM and modified by Microsoft.
Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)
Alliance of consumer electronics companies with the goal of creating industry standards that allow
products from all companies to be compatible and enable a network of electronic devices in the
Digital Media Adapter (DMA), Digital Media Receiver (DMR), Digital Media Player (DMP)
A consumer electronic device that communicates with the HP Pocket Playlist device and brings digital
media streams (such as photos, music, or video) to an entertainment center or a mobile playback
digital rights management
Technology built into digital media, such as music and movies, that allows companies in charge of
their copyrights to decide how and where media can be used.
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
The protocol used to assign IP addresses to network devices, such as computers. DHCP
automatically assigns IP addresses to network devices; the assigned address can change over time.
Dynamic IP address
A temporary numeric identification assigned to a node in a TCP/IP network. When computers and
devices in the network are turned on, they are assigned an IP address by a DHCP server. The IP
address may change frequently.
The primary method for securing computers from intruders by allowing or blocking traffic into and out
of a private network or the user's computer.
HTTP access
Allows you to access folders and files on your device in a browser window.
IP (Internet Protocol) address/network address
A number that uniquely identifies devices, such as computers, on a network.
Local area network (LAN)
A small number of computers connected together in a small area, usually in the same building.
map drive
Assigning a drive letter to the connection on a computer to access a folder on the device.
media streaming
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