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Table 25 Parallel SCSI device not detected
Device not detected
Changed drive SCSI ID, but the host
server does not recognize the new
Table 26 Attention LED is lit
Both the Attention and Cleaning LEDs
are lit.
A particular cartridge sets off the
cleaning light.
A cartridge recently imported from a
different environment is causing
Check that the HBA supports multiple LUNs and this feature is enabled.
If not, only the tape drive will be detected.
Check for conflicting SCSI IDs.
Power on the device before powering on the host computer.
Make sure the library does not have the drive off line and that the library
is not running a test.
Attach the device to an LVDS SCSI host adapter/bus.
The parallel SCSI cable length might be too long. Use a shorter cable or
remove other devices from the bus.
Parallel SCSI bus not properly terminated. See
problems" (page
Check that the device is fully powered up and is not in an error state.
Check the parallel SCSI connector and terminator for bent pins.
"SCSI detection problems" (page 134)
Make sure that all parallel SCSI devices on the same bus have unique
SCSI ID numbers.
Only SCSI IDs 0 through 7 are available on a narrow (50 pin) bus. If the
device is on a narrow bus and has a SCSI ID of 8 or greater, the host
server will not detect the drive. If you must use SCSI IDs 8 or greater, use
a wider bus.
Reboot the host server.
This is most likely caused by a dirty drive that cannot read a tape and marks
the tape invalid.
1. View the inventory with the RMI. Note the slots that have tapes marked
with !.
2. Remove any magazines that contain tapes marked with !.
3. Remove the tapes that were marked with !.
4. Inspect each removed tape for damage, check that the tape is compatible
with the drive, and ensure that it is not past its usage life. See
cartridges" (page
43). Discard any tapes that are damaged or past their
usage life. Do not use cartridges that are incompatible with the tape drive.
5. Reload the magazines with tapes that have passed inspection and new
tapes to replace cartridges that did not pass inspection.
6. Replace the magazines.
7. Clean the tape drive.
Check the cartridge for contamination by loose debris.
Media that is moved from one environment to another can cause issues until
it has acclimated to the new conditions. A cartridge should be acclimated for
at least 24 hours before being used, particularly if it has been stored at a
substantially different temperature or level of humidity than the device.
"SCSI detection
for more detailed troubleshooting
Operation problems 141


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