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HP StoreEver MSL2024 User And Service Manual: Finding Error Code Information On The Msl4048, Msl8048, And Msl8096 Ocp; Finding Error Code Information On The Rmi

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Figure 85 No additional information in the OCP error log
If you press Next again, the OCP will display the date and time in the format: YYYY-MM-DD
followed by the time in 24–hour clock format, where 1:00 pm is 13:00, as shown in
Figure 86 Date and time in the OCP error log

Finding error code information on the MSL4048, MSL8048, and MSL8096 OCP

Error codes are displayed in pop-up messages when an error occurs during an operation that is
initiated from the OCP.
The message shows the error code and a description of the error.
For example:
8D 52Mechanical Block
8D is the main error code 52 is the error sub-code.
The error log contains a list of all errors, with a separate row for each error. The log shows the
Date/Time, Code, and Description.
For example,
24/06/05 01:48
24/06/05 is the date in the format DD-MM-YY 01:48 is the time in 24–hour format. For example,
1:00 pm is 13:00. D7 is the main error code 50 is the error sub-code

Finding error code information on the RMI

You can find error codes on the RMI
are: Error Trace, Informational Trace, Warning Trace, Configuration Change Trace, and Standard
The log entries are displayed in order of most recent to oldest. The format for the log entries is:
YY.MM.DD LIB/ERR<80 89 62 40
YY.MM.DD — the date displayed as Year.Month.Day — the time displayed as Hour.Minute.Second.Hundredths fo a second
First code — hard or soft error. The code after LIB/ERR (80 in the example) will be 80 or
40. 80 indicates a hard error, 40 indicates a soft error.
Second code — the main error code (89 in this example). See
a list of error codes and recovery procedures.
Third code — the sub-code (62 in this example). See
for a list of sub-codes.
Fourth code — sub-code-specific information for factory use only
150 Troubleshooting
D7 50
"Support: Library Logs page" (page
System Error
151). The available logs
"Error codes" (page 149)
"Error sub-code descriptions" (page 166)
Figure 86 (page


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