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Status — the overall status of the device
The device is fully operational and no user interaction is required.
User attention is necessary, but the device can still perform most operations.
User intervention is required and the device is not capable of performing some operations.
Cartridge in Transport — the slot number where the tape currently in the robot originated.
None if there is not a tape in the robotic.
Odometer — the total number of moves the device has performed since its manufacture.
Total Power On Time — the number of days, hours, and minutes that the device has been
powered on since its manufacture.
Robotic Status — the current status of the robotics and a description of the operation the
robot is currently performing.
Internal Temperature — the internal temperature reported by the device.
Power Supply Status — the current status of each of the installed power supplies. (MSL4048,
MSL8048, and MSL8096)
MSL4048 — Online — The power supply is installed.
MSL8048 and MSL8096 — Good — The power supply is functioning correctly.
MSL8048 and MSL8096 — Functional, fan failure — the power supply is supplying
power to the library, but the fan has failed so the power supply could fail soon. The
power supply should be replaced.
Installed, failed — The power supply installed in the unit is not working and the library
no longer has redundant power. The power supply should be replaced.
If the MSL4048 has two power supplies and one fails, after a power cycle the
library will not recognize the failed power supply as installed in the library.
The number of power supplies installed in the library is displayed next to the icon.
MSL8048 and MSL8096 — Removed — a power supply was installed in this location
before but has been removed. Power Supply 1 will always show Removed when it is
missing. Power Supply 2 will show Removed until the library is rebooted.
Media Removal — Prevented, if the backup software is preventing media removal from the
device. When media removal is prevented, the mailslot and magazine functionality is disabled.
Left Magazine — Present, if the device senses the presence of the left magazine. (MSL2024)
Level n. Left Magazine — Present, if the library senses the presence of the left magazine
at level n. The magazine levels are numbered from the bottom of the library to the top. For
example, Level 1. Left Magazine is the bottom magazine on the left side looking at the library
from the front. (MSL4048, MSL8048, and MSL8096)
Right Magazine — Present, if the device senses the presence of the right magazine.
Level n. Right Magazine — Present, if the library senses the presence of the right magazine
at level n. (MSL4048, MSL8048, and MSL8096)
Library Control Path Failover — Present, if the library control path failover is enabled.
Using the RMI


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