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HP StoreEver MSL2024 User And Service Manual: Performance Problems

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Table 27 Inventory problems
The inventory labels the cartridge Full
instead of showing its bar code
The inventory process takes a long
Table 28 RMI network connection issues
Cannot connect to the remote
management interface (RMI)
Table 29 Cleaning problems
Cannot load the cleaning cartridge.

Performance problems

The process of backing up files involves many system components, from the files in the file
system on the disk, through the backup server, and out to the library, all managed by software
running on an operating system. The backup process can only run as fast of the slowest
component in the system.
Performance issues are solved by identifying and addressing performance limitations in your
Potential performance limitations:
Verify that the label is an Hewlett Packard Enterprise label. The bar code
reader might not be able to read other labels.
Verify that the label is properly applied. See
cartridges" (page
Verify that the label is not soiled.
Apply high-quality Hewlett Packard Enterprise labels to all tape cartridges.
During the inventory process, the bar code reader attempts to read the bar
code on the cartridge or the bar code on the back of the storage slot until it
identifies the cartridge or determines that the slot is empty. The reader can
usually identify a properly-labeled cartridge the first time, while determining
that an unlabeled cartridge is in a storage slot can take four times as long.
Verify that the device is connected to the LAN with a CAT 5E, 6, or 6E
Ethernet cable.
Verify that the link LED on the RJ45 (LAN) connector is lit when the device
is powered up. If the LED is not lit, the device is not communicating with
the LAN. See your network administrator for help.
Verify that the device has been configured with a valid static network
address or DHCP has been enabled so the device can obtain a network
address. If using DHCP, write down the device's network address from the
OCP Information menu. If the device did not obtain a valid address via
DHCP, verify that the DHCP server is up and the device has network
access to it. If necessary, set a static network address instead.
Enter the device's IP address into the address bar of a web browser
connected to the same LAN as the device. If the RMI web page does not
display, ping the device's IP address. If the ping fails, verify that the device
has a valid network address and that there are no firewalls or other
obstructions to network traffic between the computer with the web browser
and the device. See your network administrator for help.
Make sure you are using an Ultrium Universal cleaning cartridge (see
"Tape cartridges" (page
Make sure the cleaning cartridge has not expired. A cleaning cartridge will
expire after 50 cleaning cycles.
Contact your service representative.
"Labeling and loading the tape
Performance problems 143


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