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HP StoreEver MSL2024 User And Service Manual: Changing The Network Configuration (configuration > Network); Barcode Reporting Format (configuration > Barcode Reporting); Setting And Changing The Administrator Password (configuration> Set Admin Password); Restore Defaults (configuration > Restore Defaults)

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Access to this feature requires the administrator password.
To change the drive configuration:
Highlight the setting you want to change. Press OK to select the value field.
Press the
the value.
Press the
Changing the network configuration (Configuration > Network)
The library can automatically obtain an IP address from a DHCP server when the library is
powered up. The library also supports user-specified fixed addresses through the front panel.
This option allows the operator to set the network settings or allow the library to autoconfigure
using the DHCP server settings.
Access to this feature requires the administrator password.
Barcode reporting format (Configuration > Barcode Reporting)
This option sets the format for displaying the tape bar codes for both the OCP and the host. With
this option, you can configure the number of characters to display and the justification of those
numbers to the left or right. Access to this feature requires the administrator password.
Setting and changing the administrator password (Configuration> Set Admin Password)
This option allows you to change the administrator password. Access to this feature requires the
administrator password or the Service password. Passwords consist of exactly eight characters
each between the value of 0 and 9.
Restricted areas (indicated by a padlock icon) prompt for this administrator password before
granting access. Once entered, the administrator password does not have to be entered a second
time unless there is no user activity for five minutes. To access this screen, enter the administrator
password first, if you have not already done so.
If you forget the administrator password, you cannot enter a new password. You must
call your customer service representative.
Restore defaults (Configuration > Restore Defaults)
This option returns the library to its original shipping configuration, leaving the settings necessary
for the RMI. Access to this feature requires the administrator password.
The following settings are reset:
SCSI drive addresses:
MSL4048: For full-height tape drives the default SCSI address is 4. For half-height
drives, the default SCSI address for the bottom drive in each full-height drive bay is 4
and the default SCSI address for the top drive is 5 as shown in
tape drive default SCSI addresses" (page
124 Operating the tape library
Up or
Down buttons until the correct value is displayed. Press OK to accept
Up or
Down buttons to navigate to <Save>. Press OK to save.
"MSL4048 parallel SCSI


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