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HP StoreEver MSL2024 User And Service Manual: Unlocking, Removing And Replacing Magazines; Moving Media (operations > Move Media)

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Figure 76 Mailslot-capable magazine and slot, each marked with a white dot
The library will push the mailslot open when instructed to open mailslots. After the mailslot is
closed, the library will inventory the tapes in the mailslot, but not the rest of the tapes in the
magazine, which allows the library to resume operations sooner.
On the MSL8096, the whole magazine on the upper right of the library can also be used for
mailslots. All of the right magazines are the same so it does not have a special marking. The
library will unlock the upper right magazine when instructed to open mailslots, but will not push
the magazine out. After the magazine is replaced, the library will inventory all of the tapes in the
If you exchange the magazine in the lower-left position with one that has different
mailslot capabilities, the library displays a warning that the mailslot type is incompatible with the
Unlocking, removing and replacing magazines (Operations > Unlock Left/Right Magazines
This option grants access to the left and right magazines. After exchanging tapes in a magazine,
slide the magazine completely into the library. The magazine locks into place. Access to the
magazines requires the use of the administrator password.
On the MSL4048, once all left or right magazines are correctly installed, the library inventories
the magazines. The Ready LED blinks during the inventory operation.
On the MSL8048 and MSL8096, the library leaves all magazines on a side unlocked for several
seconds. During that time, you can pull out as many magazines on the side as you want. A
magazine is locked when it is pushed back into the library. The library will wait about 30 seconds
after the last magazine is installed before starting the inventory. Before the inventory starts, you
can unlock the magazines on either side.
Due to the library design, all left or all right magazines will be unlocked. The library will
halt robotic functions until all magazines are present. It is not possible to unlock all of the
magazines at once from the front panel.
Moving Media (Operations > Move Media)
This option instructs the library to move a cartridge from a tape drive, a tape slot in any magazine
or a mailslot to any other location not already holding a tape. This option also lets you load and
unload tape cartridges to and from the installed tape drives. To use this command, you must first
select where you want to move the tape from (in one of the Source fields), and then indicate
where you want to move the tape to (in one of the Destinations fields).
Source Type: This toggles between all available mailslot, magazines. and drives.
Source -> Source by Label: If appropriate, this toggles between available source cartridges.
Only Full source slots are available for selection.
Destination Type: This toggles between all available destinations: Mailslot, Magazine, and Drive.
Destination: If appropriate, this option allows you to specify the cartridge destination. For a
magazine, select a slot. Only Empty destination slots are available for selection.
Access to the Move Media option requires the use of the administrator password.
Using the MSL4048, MSL8048, and MSL8096 OCP 127


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