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Toshiba B-SX4T Series Specification Page 50

B-sx4t series, b-sx5t series external equipment interface specification.
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(1) If the feed value fine adjustment, cut position (or strip position) fine adjustment or
back feed value fine adjustment has been set in the system mode (key operation
on the printer), the fine adjustment value will be the sum of the fine adjustment by
this command and the fine adjustment in the system mode.
adjustment values are as follows. However, the max. feed fine adjustment value
is limited within the label pitch.
Feed value fine adjustment .........................................................±50.0 mm
Cut position (or strip position) fine adjustment............................±50.0 mm
Back feed value fine adjustment .................................................±9.9 mm
(2) After changing the fine adjustment value by this command, one label must be fed
by the Feed Command ([ESC] T) to adjust the first print position.
(3) Each fine adjustment value is protected in memory (even if the power is turned off).
(4) If a fine adjustment value is improper, printing will not be performed correctly.
(5) The cut position (or the strip position) fine adjustment and the back feed fine
adjustment are effective only when the printer is in cut issue or strip issue mode.
(6) Procedure for label having label pitch of less than 38 mm when the swing cutter is
The minimum label pitch of the label which can be cut in normal use is 38 mm.
When a label having a label pitch of less than 38 mm is used (although it is out of
specifications), the edge of the label is caught by the edge of the thermal head
during a back feed to the home position after cutting the gap area between labels.
Therefore, the label may not be fed back to the proper home position.
performing either method below, the problem will be solved.
[Method 1] Lift the head.
When the following conditions are all met, the cut operation is as follows.
Head lifted → Forward feed to the cut position → Head lowered → Cut →
Head lifted → Reverse feed to the home position → Head lowered
Conditions: Issue Command, Feed Command, and Eject Command received.
* The head is lifted/lowered only when the optional ribbon save module is
attached and the use of the ribbon saving system is set to ON in the parameter
setting. When the ribbon save module is not installed, use Method 2 since the
head is not lifted/lowered.
For example, if the back feed fine adjustment value is not set properly,
the print positions without cutting and after cutting will be different from
each other. If the label is fed back excessively, the paper will not be
fed correctly during printing.
In the strip issue mode, the print position may differ between the first
label and the second label. The back feed fine adjustment is used to
adjust the length so that the label is correctly fed back to the position
placed before the forward feed is performed.
Label pitch of 38.0 mm or less, cut performed, transmissive sensor
designated, cut position fine adjustment of ±10.0 mm or less, and
issue mode "C"
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The max. fine


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