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Toshiba B-SX4T Series Specification Page 53

B-sx4t series, b-sx5t series external equipment interface specification.
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(7) Procedure for label having less than the minimum label pitch for each issue speed
when the rotary cutter is used:
When the following conditions are all met, the cut operation for the last label to be
cut is as follows.
Forward feed to the cut position → Cut with feeding → Feed stops →
Head lifted → Reverse feed to the home position → Head lowered
Conditions: Issue Command, Feed Command, and Eject Command received.
Label pitch: Less than the minimum label pitch for each issue speed,
cut performed, transmissive sensor designated, cut position fine
adjustment of ±10.0 mm or less, and issue mode "C"
* For the Issue Command, this procedure is effective only for the last label to be
cut when the next Issue Command is not received.
* The head is lifted/lowered only when the optional ribbon save module is attached
and the use of the ribbon saving system is set to ON in the parameter setting.
When the ribbon save module is not installed, the head-up/down operations are
not performed. See "NOTES" below.
NOTES: 1. If the head is being lifted when the edge of the label which is being
ejected passes the paper feed roller, the sensor may not be able to
detect an error even if it occurs (a feed cannot be performed more).
2. If the head-up solenoid temperature is high when a cut issue is
about to be performed with the head lifted, the head may not be
(8) There may be cases where a label is not returned to the home position depending
on the print conditions, even if a backfeed, of which the length is the same as the
forward feed, is performed. In issues where any paper sensor is used, if the label
pitch length is almost the same as the distance between the thermal print head and
the paper sensors (75.5 mm), a label/tag may not be returned to the home position
when operations with a backfeed (such as cut issues, strip issues, automatic
forward feed standby) are performed. It may result in an error. In such cases, to
prevent an error from occurring, the backfeed length should be increased by
performing the back feed fine adjustment in the + direction.
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