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Toshiba B-SX4T Series Specification Page 114

B-sx4t series, b-sx5t series external equipment interface specification.
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15: C210
16: C240
17: C320
21: EPC Class 0
22: EPC Class 1
23: ISO 18000-6B
24: EPC Class 1 Generation 2
Designates the type of RFID tag onto which data is to be written.
When omitted, the tag type set in the system mode will be designated.
In accordance with the tag type designated by this setting, the tag type set in
the system mode changes.
When "00: NONE" is designated, the backed up tag type will be designated,
and the system mode setting will not be changed.
EPC format (Omissible)
00: No format (When omitted)
10: GID-96
11: SGTIN-64
12: SGTIN-96
13: SSCC-64
14: SSCC-96
15: SGLN-64
16: SGLN-96
17: GRAI-64
18: GRAI-96
19: GIAI-64
20: GIAI-96
21: DoD-64
22: DoD-96
Gk: Data type (Omissible)
0: No conversion of data (When omitted)
1: Conversion to binary
2: Conversion to hexadecimal
3: No conversion of data (with separator)
4: Conversion to binary (with separator)
5: Conversion to hexadecimal (with separator)
When a separator is to be used, use a colon ":" (3AH) a separator between
the blocks in the data.
For example:
RB00;UII Code0123:TIDx0123:0000:1111:2222:3333:4444:5555 for the
following data:
UII="UII Code0123", TID="TIDx0123", User Data ="0000", U1 Data ="1111",
U2 Data ="2222", U3 data = "3333", U4 Data = "4444", and U5 Data =
On-the-fly issue (Omissible)
0: Disabled. (On-the-fly issue is not performed. (When omitted))
1: Enabled. (On-the-fly issue is performed.)
• When "1: Enabled" is designated, writing data onto an RFID tag and printing
are performed at the same time.
• The positions where RFID data write is started and ended during printing
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