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Toshiba B-SX4T Series Specification Page 84

B-sx4t series, b-sx5t series external equipment interface specification.
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TrueType font
[ESC] PVaa; bbbb, cccc, dddd, eeee, ff, g (, hiii), jj, k (=ppp ------ ppp) [LF] [NUL]
Character string number
00 to 99
Print origin of X-coordinate of the character string
Fixed as 4 digits (in 0.1 mm units)
Print origin of Y-coordinate of the character string
4 or 5 digits (in 0.1 mm units)
Character width
0020 to 0850 (in 0.1 mm units)
Height of the character
0020 to 0850 (in 0.1 mm units)
Type of font
01: BalloonPExtBol (File name: Ballp_eb.ttf)
02: BlacklightD (File name: Blklt_rg.ttf)
03: BrushScrD (File name: Brush_rg.ttf)
04: CG Times (File name: Tec_cgt.ttf)
05: CG Times Bold (File name: Tec_cgtb.ttf)
06: CG Times Italic (File name: Tec_cgti.ttf)
07: Clarendon Condensed Bold (File name: Tec_clcd.ttf)
08: FlashPBol (File name: Flash_bd.ttf)
09: Garamond Kursiv Halbfett (File name: Tec_gmkh.ttf)
10: GoudyHeaP (File name: Gdyhp_rg.ttf)
11: GilliesGotDBol (File name: Gilli_bd.ttf)
12: GilliesGotLig (File name: Gilli_lt.ttf)
13: NimbusSanNovTUltLigCon (File name: Nsnct_ul.ttf)
14: Ryahd (File name: ryahd.ttf)
15: Ryahd Bold (File name: ryahdbd.ttf)
16: CG Triumvirate (File name: Trium.ttf)
17: CG Triumvirate Condensed Bold (File name: Triumcb.ttf)
18: Univers Medium (File name: Tec_uni.ttf)
19: Univers Bold (File name: Tec_unib.ttf)
20: Univers Medium Italic (File name: Tec_unii.ttf)
21: add_on TrueTypeFont 1 (File name: addttf01.ttf)
22: add_on TrueTypeFont 2 (File name: addttf02.ttf)
23: add_on TrueTypeFont 3 (File name: addttf03.ttf)
24: add_on TrueTypeFont 4 (File name: addttf04.ttf)
25: add_on TrueTypeFont 5 (File name: addttf05.ttf)
The font types 21 to 25 are the fonts a user adds. These fonts can be
used by specifying "addttf01.ttf" to "addttf05.ttf" for the file names and
installing these in the ATA card.
For the fonts stored in flash ROM on the CPU board, parameter "ff" for
the type of font corresponds to the font type according to the setting
made when fonts are stored.
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