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Toshiba B-SX4T Series Specification Page 45

B-sx4t series, b-sx5t series external equipment interface specification.
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Before changing the label size or type of sensor, the Label Size Set Command
must first be transmitted.
The Label Size Set Command is protected in memory (even if the power is turned
After sending the Label Size Set Command, one sheet of paper must be fed by
the Feed Command ([ESC] T) and must be aligned with the first print position prior
to printing.
The origin of drawing coordinates, print stop position (head position at stop), and
cut position are determined according to the parameters of the Label Size Set
Command as shown in the figure on the preceding page. For the print stop
position in strip issue mode, refer to the section of the Position Fine Adjust
Command. The effective print area is centered on the label/tag.
Printing cannot be performed in the slow up (1 mm) and slow down (1 mm) areas.
Consequently, [A : Label pitch/Tag pitch] - [H: Effective print length] ≥ 2 mm must
be assumed.
The origin of drawing coordinates, print stop position (head position at stop), and
cut position are adjustable by the Fine Adjust Commands and according to the
fine adjustment settings in the system mode.
The tag rotation designation of the Issue Command ([ESC] XS) causes the origin
of drawing coordinates to be origin
be origin
The parameters must be as shown in the figure and table. Any value or paper
outside the range results in a failure of printing or an error.
Where an effective print length within "max. effective print length for on-the-fly" is
specified, labels even each with different data can be printed continuously without
stopping every label because printing and drawing of the next label are processed
at the same time. [On-the-fly issue]
However, printing may stop every label depending on the quantity of drawing data.
Also, if the ribbon saving is performed, the On-the-fly issue will not be performed
regardless of the data quantity.
(10) The setting for the backing paper width is used for the control of the backing paper
rewind motor for a strip issue. Therefore, this setting is not effective for any
mode other than strip issue mode.
in the case of "printing top first", as shown in the figure.
- 41 -
in the case of "printing bottom first" and to


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