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Removing The Cover - IBM 7945G2U Installation And User Manual

User manual
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Removing the cover

The following illustration shows how to remove the cover.
Important: Before you install optional hardware, make sure that the server is
working correctly. Start the server, and make sure that the operating system starts,
if an operating system is installed, or that a 19990305 error code is displayed,
indicating that an operating system was not found but the server is otherwise
working correctly. If the server is not working correctly, see the Problem
Determination and Service Guide for diagnostic information.
To remove the cover, complete the following steps:
1. Read the safety information that begins on page vii and "Installation guidelines"
2. If you are planning to view the error LEDs that are on the system board and
3. If you are planning to install or remove a microprocessor, memory module, PCI
4. Press down on the left and right side latches and slide the server out of the rack
5. Press the blue latch 1 on the end of the cover-release latch and lift the
components, replace the cover before you turn on the server. If you operate the
server for extended periods of time (over 30 minutes) with the cover removed, the
IMM turns off the server.
System x3650 M3 Types 4255, 7945, and 7949: Installation and User's Guide
on page 37.
components, leave the server connected to power and go directly to step 4.
adapter, battery, or other non-hot-swap optional device, turn off the server and
all attached devices and disconnect all external cables and power cords (see
"Turning off the server" on page 22).
enclosure until both slide rails lock.
Note: You can reach the cables on the rear of the server when the server is in
the locked position.
cover-release latch 2 . Slide the cover toward the rear 3 and lift the cover off
the server. Set the cover aside.
For proper cooling and airflow and to avoid damaging server



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