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Table 1. Features and specifications
v Supports up to two Intel Xeon
multi-core microprocessors (one
v Level-3 cache
v QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) links
speed up to 6.4 GT per second
v Do not install an Intel Xeon
series microprocessor and an Xeon
5600 series microprocessor in the same
v Use the Setup utility to determine the
type and speed of the microprocessors.
v For a list of supported microprocessors,
v Minimum: 2 GB
v Maximum: 192 GB
– 48 GB using unbuffered DIMMs
– 192 GB using registered DIMMs
v Type: PC3-10600R-999, 800, 1067, and
1333 MHz, ECC, DDR3 registered or
unbuffered SDRAM DIMMs
v Slots: 18 dual inline
v Supports (depending on the model):
– 2 GB and 4 GB unbuffered DIMMs
– 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB
registered DIMMs
SATA optical drives (optional):
v Multi-burner
Hard disk drive expansion bays
(depending on the model):
v Eight 2.5-inch SAS hot-swap bays for
hard disk drive bays with option to add
eight more 2.5-inch SAS hot-swap hard
disk drive bays
v Four 2.5-inch simple-swap, solid state
SATA hard disk drive bays
PCI expansion slots:
v Two PCI Express riser cards with two
PCI Express x8 slots (x8 lanes) each,
v Support for the following optional riser
– Two 133 MHz/64-bit PCI-X 1.0a slots
– One PCI Express x16 slot (x16
Size (2U):
v Height: 85.2 mm (3.346 in.)
v Depth: EIA flange to rear - 698 mm
(27.480 in.), Overall - 729 mm (28.701
v Width: With top cover - 443.6 mm
(17.465 in.), With front bezel - 482.0
mm (18.976 in.)
v Weight: approximately 21.09 kg (46.5
lb) to 25 kg (55 lb) depending upon
Integrated functions:
v Integrated management module (IMM),
which provides service processor
control and monitoring functions, video
controller, and (when the optional
virtual media key is installed) remote
keyboard, video, mouse, and remote
hard disk drive capabilities
v Dedicated or shared management
network connections
v Serial over LAN (SOL) and serial
redirection over Telnet or Secure Shell
v One systems-management RJ-45 for
connection to a dedicated
systems-management network
v Support for remote management
presence through an optional virtual
media key
v Broadcom BCM5709 Gb Ethernet
controller with TCP/IP Offload Engine
(TOE) and Wake on LAN support
v Four Ethernet ports (two on system
board and two additional ports when
the optional IBM Dual-Port 1 Gb
Ethernet Daughter Card is installed)
v One serial port, shared with the
integrated management module (IMM)
v Four Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports
(two on front, two on rear of server),
v2.0 supporting v1.1, plus one or more
dedicated internal USB ports on the
SAS riser-card
v Two video ports (one on front and one
on rear of server)
v One SATA tape connector, one USB
tape connector, and one tape power
connector on SAS riser-card (some
v Support for hypervisor function through
an optional USB flash device on the
SAS riser-card (not available on
simple-swap models)
Note: In messages and documentation,
the term service processor refers to the
integrated management module (IMM).
Video controller (integrated into IMM):
v Matrox G200eV (two analog ports - one
front and one rear that can be connected
at the same time)
Note: The maximum video resolution is
1600 x 1200 at 75 Hz.
– SVGA compatible video controller
– DDR2 250 MHz SDRAM video
memory controller
– Avocent Digital Video Compression
– 16 MB of video memory (not
ServeRAID controller (depending on the
v A ServeRAID-BR10il v2 SAS/SATA
adapter that provides RAID levels 0, 1,
and 1E (comes standard on some
hot-swap models).
v An optional ServeRAID-BR10il SAS/SATA
adapter that provides RAID levels 0, 1,
and 1E can be ordered.
v An optional ServeRAID-MR10i SAS/SATA
adapter that provides RAID levels 0, 1, 5,
6, 10, 50, and 60 can be ordered.
v An optional ServeRAID-M1015 SAS/SATA
adapter that provides RAID levels 0, 1,
and 10 with optional RAID 5/50 and SED
(Self Encrypting Drive) upgrade.
v An optional ServeRAID-M5014 SAS/SATA
adapter that provides RAID levels 0, 1, 5,
10 and 50 with optional battery and RAID
6/60 and SED upgrade.
v An optional ServeRAID-M5015 SAS/SATA
adapter with battery that provides RAID
levels 0, 1, 5, 10, and 50 with optional
RAID 6/60 and SED upgrade
1. RAID is supported in hot-swap models
2. The ServeRAID controllers are installed
in a PCI Express x8 mechanical slot (x4
electrical); however, the controllers run
at x4 bandwidth.
Chapter 1. The System x3650 M3 server



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