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Installing A Second Microprocessor - IBM 7945G2U Installation And User Manual

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Installing a second microprocessor

The following notes describe the type of microprocessor that the server supports
and other information that you must consider when you install a microprocessor:
v The server supports certain Intel Xeon scalable multi-core microprocessors,
v The server supports up to two microprocessors. If the server comes with one
v Do not install an Intel Xeon
v Both microprocessors must have the same QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) link
v Read the documentation that comes with the microprocessor to determine
v (Optional) Obtain an SMP-capable operating system. For a list of supported
v To order additional microprocessor optional devices, contact your IBM marketing
v The microprocessor speeds are automatically set for this server; therefore, you
v If you have to replace a microprocessor, call for service.
v If the thermal-grease protective cover (for example, a plastic cap or tape liner) is
v Do not remove the first microprocessor from the system board to install the
which are designed for the LGA 1366 socket. These microprocessors are 64-bit
dual-core or quad-core microprocessors with an integrated memory controller,
quick-path interconnect, and shared last cache. See
eserver/serverproven/compat/us/ for a list of supported microprocessors.
microprocessor, you can install a second microprocessor.
5600 series microprocessor in the same server.
speed, integrated memory controller frequency, core frequency, power segment,
cache size, and type.
whether you must update the server firmware for the server. To download the
most current level of server firmware and many other code updates for your
server, complete the following steps:
1. Go to
2. Under Product support, click System x.
3. Under Popular links, click Software and device drivers.
4. Click System x3650 M3 to display the matrix of downloadable files for the
operating systems and optional devices, see
representative or authorized reseller.
do not have to set any microprocessor frequency-selection jumpers or switches.
removed from the heat sink, do not touch the thermal grease on the bottom of
the heat sink or set down the heat sink.
second microprocessor.
5500 series microprocessor and an Intel Xeon
Chapter 2. Installing optional devices



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