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Reliability, Availability, And Serviceability Features - IBM 7945G2U Installation And User Manual

User manual
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v Redundant cooling and optional power capabilities
v ServeRAID support
v Systems-management capabilities
v TCP/IP offload engine (TOE) support

Reliability, availability, and serviceability features

Three important computer design features are reliability, availability, and
serviceability (RAS). The RAS features help to ensure the integrity of the data that
is stored in the server, the availability of the server when you need it, and the ease
with which you can diagnose and repair problems.
The server has the following RAS features:
v 3-year parts and 3-year labor limited warranty for machine types 7945 and 7949
v Automatic error retry and recovery
v Automatic restart after a power failure
v Built-in monitoring for fan, power, temperature, voltage, and power-supply
v Cable-presence detection on most connectors
daughter card is installed on the server, all Ethernet traffic that is associated with
the primary connection is automatically switched to the optional redundant
Ethernet daughter card connection. If the applicable device drivers are installed,
this switching occurs without data loss and without user intervention.
The server supports three hot-swap fans, which provide redundant cooling.
Redundant cooling enables continued operation if one of the fans fails. The
server supports a maximum of two 675-watt or 460-watt hot-swap power
supplies, which provide redundancy and hot-swap capability for a typical
configuration. The server comes with one 675-watt or 460-watt hot-swap power
supply. You can order the second optional power supply for power redundancy. If
the maximum load on the server is less than 675-watts (or 460-watt, depending
on what kind of power supply you use) and a problem occurs with one of the
power supplies, the other power supply can meet the power requirements.
Note: If the maximum load on the server is greater than 675-watts (or 460-watt,
depending on what kind of power supply you use) and a problem occurs with one
of the power supplies, Active Energy Manager can act to minimize the load
somewhat so that the server can function with the remaining power supply.
The server supports an internal ServeRAID SAS controller, which is required for
you to use the hot-swap hard disk drives and to create redundant array of
independent disks (RAID) configurations.
The server contains an integrated management module (IMM) which enables you
to manage the functions of the server locally and remotely. The addition of the
optional IBM Virtual Media Key provides remote presence and blue-screen
capture capability. The IMM also provides system monitoring, event recording,
and dial-out alert capability.
The Ethernet controllers in the server support TOE, which is a technology that
offloads the TCP/IP flow from the microprocessors and I/O subsystem to increase
the speed of the TCP/IP flow. When an operating system that supports TOE is
running on the server and TOE is enabled, the server supports TOE operation.
See the operating-system documentation for information about enabling TOE.
Note: As of the date of this document, the Linux operating system does not
support TOE.
and 4-year parts and 4-year labor limited warranty for machine type 4255
Chapter 1. The System x3650 M3 server



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