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System Reliability Guidelines; Working Inside The Server With The Power On - IBM 7945G2U Installation And User Manual

User manual
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v To view the error LEDs on the system board and internal components, leave the
v You do not have to turn off the server to install or replace hot-swap fans,
v Blue on a component indicates touch points, where you can grip the component
v Orange on a component or an orange label on or near a component indicates
v When you are finished working on the server, reinstall all safety shields, guards,
v For a list of supported optional devices for the server, see

System reliability guidelines

To help ensure proper system cooling and system reliability, make sure that the
following requirements are met:
v Each of the drive bays has a drive or a filler panel and electromagnetic
v If the server has redundant power, each of the power-supply bays has a power
v There is adequate space around the server to allow the server cooling system to
v You have followed the cabling instructions that come with optional adapters.
v You have replaced a failed fan within 48 hours.
v You have replaced a hot-swap fan within 30 seconds of removal.
v You have replaced a hot-swap drive within 2 minutes of removal.
v You do not operate the server without the air baffles installed. Operating the
v Microprocessor 2 air baffle and DIMM air baffle are installed.
v The light path diagnostics panel is not pulled out of the server.

Working inside the server with the power on

the server is powered-on might cause the server to halt, which might result in the
loss of data. To avoid this potential problem, always use an electrostatic-discharge
wrist strap or other grounding system when you work inside the server with the
power on.
System x3650 M3 Types 4255, 7945, and 7949: Installation and User's Guide
server connected to power.
redundant hot-swap ac power supplies, or hot-plug Universal Serial Bus (USB)
devices. However, you must turn off the server before you perform any steps that
involve removing or installing adapter cables or non-hot-swap optional devices or
to remove it from or install it in the server, open or close a latch, and so on.
that the component can be hot-swapped, which means that if the server and
operating system support hot-swap capability, you can remove or install the
component while the server is running. (Orange can also indicate touch points on
hot-swap components.) See the instructions for removing or installing a specific
hot-swap component for any additional procedures that you might have to
perform before you remove or install the component.
labels, and ground wires.
compatibility (EMC) shield installed in it.
supply installed in it.
work properly. Leave approximately 50 mm (2.0 in.) of open space around the
front and rear of the server. Do not place objects in front of the fans. For proper
cooling and airflow, replace the server cover before you turn on the server.
Operating the server for extended periods of time (more than 30 minutes) with
the server cover removed might damage server components.
server without the air baffles might cause the microprocessors to overheat.
Static electricity that is released to internal server components when



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