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Installation Guidelines - IBM 7945G2U Installation And User Manual

User manual
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Installation guidelines

the server is powered-on might cause the system to halt, which might result in the
loss of data. To avoid this potential problem, always use an electrostatic-discharge
wrist strap or other grounding system when removing or installing a hot-swap
Before you install optional devices, read the following information:
v Read the safety information that begins on page vii, the guidelines in "Working
v When you install your new server, take the opportunity to download and apply
v Before you install optional hardware, make sure that the server is working
v Observe good housekeeping in the area where you are working. Place removed
v If you must start the server while the cover is removed, make sure that no one is
v Do not attempt to lift an object that you think is too heavy for you. If you have to
v Make sure that you have an adequate number of properly grounded electrical
v Back up all important data before you make changes to disk drives.
v Have a small flat-blade screwdriver available.
Static electricity that is released to internal server components when
inside the server with the power on" on page 38, and "Handling static-sensitive
devices" on page 39. This information will help you work safely.
the most recent firmware updates. This step will help to ensure that any known
issues are addressed and that your server is ready to function at maximum levels
of performance. To download firmware updates for your server, complete the
following steps:
1. Go to
2. Under Product support, click System x.
3. Under Popular links, click Software and device drivers.
4. Click System x3650 M3 to display the matrix of downloadable files for the
For additional information about tools for updating, managing, and deploying
firmware, see the System x and xSeries Tools Center at
correctly. Start the server, and make sure that the operating system starts, if an
operating system is installed, or that a 19990305 error code is displayed,
indicating that an operating system was not found but the server is otherwise
working correctly. If the server is not working correctly, see the Problem
Determination and Service Guide on the IBM System x Documentation CD for
diagnostic information.
covers and other parts in a safe place.
near the server and that no tools or other objects have been left inside the
lift a heavy object, observe the following precautions:
– Make sure that you can stand safely without slipping.
– Distribute the weight of the object equally between your feet.
– Use a slow lifting force. Never move suddenly or twist when you lift a heavy
– To avoid straining the muscles in your back, lift by standing or by pushing up
with your leg muscles.
outlets for the server, monitor, and other devices.
Chapter 2. Installing optional devices



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