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Chapter 3. Configuring The Server - IBM 7945G2U Installation And User Manual

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Chapter 3. Configuring the server

The following configuration programs come with the server:
v Setup utility
v Boot Menu program
v IBM ServerGuide Setup and Installation CD
v Integrated management module
v VMware embedded USB hypervisor
v Remote presence capability and blue-screen capture
v Ethernet controller configuration
© Copyright IBM Corp. 2011
The Setup utility (formerly called the Configuration/Setup Utility program) is part
of the IBM System x Server Firmware. Use it to change interrupt request (IRQ)
settings, change the startup-device sequence, set the date and time, and set
passwords. For information about using this program, see "Using the Setup
utility" on page 144.
The Boot Menu program is part of the IBM System x Server Firmware. Use it to
override the startup sequence that is set in the Setup utility and temporarily
assign a device to be first in the startup sequence.
The ServerGuide program provides software-setup tools and installation tools
that are designed for the server. Use this CD during the installation of the server
to configure basic hardware features, such as an integrated SAS controller with
RAID capabilities, and to simplify the installation of your operating system. For
information about obtaining and using this CD, see "Using the ServerGuide Setup
and Installation CD" on page 150.
Use the integrated management module (IMM) for configuration, to update the
firmware and sensor data record/field replaceable unit (SDR/FRU) data, and to
remotely manage a network. For information about using the IMM, see "Using the
integrated management module" on page 152.
The VMware embedded USB hypervisor is available on the server models that
come with an installed IBM USB Memory Key for VMware hypervisor. The USB
memory key is installed in the USB connector on the SAS riser-card. Hypervisor
is virtualization software that enables multiple operating systems to run on a host
computer at the same time. For more information about using the embedded
hypervisor, see "Using the USB memory key for VMware hypervisor" on page
The remote presence and blue-screen capture feature are integrated into the
integrated management module (IMM). The virtual media key is required to
enable these features. When the optional virtual media key is installed in the
server, it activates the remote presence functions. Without the virtual media key,
you will not be able to access the network remotely to mount or unmount drives
or images on the client system. However, you will still be able to access the host
graphical user interface through the Web interface without the virtual media key.
You can order an optional IBM Virtual Media Key, if one did not come with your
server. For more information about how to enable the remote presence function,
see "Using the remote presence capability and blue-screen capture" on page
For information about configuring the Ethernet controller, see "Configuring the
Gigabit Ethernet controller" on page 156.



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