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Preliminary Information; Safety Information; Pre-Visit Checks; Pre-Commissioning - Honeywell Vigilon 4 loop Generic Commissioning Instructions

Fire panels & network nodes
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Commissioning instructions

Preliminary information

34K Control Panels
This manual covers the Vigilon range of control
panels and does not specifically cover the
34K 4-Loop Control Panel.
For information on 34K 4-Loop Control panel refer
to Vigilon BS 4-Loop Control panel in this manual,
as both ranges of panels have version 3+ software
and the only difference is in the branding.

Safety information

1. Do not remove or replace printed circuit boards, fuses or attempt to wire the
control panel with the panel powered up. Always power down the mains supply
at the fused spur unit and disconnect the battery supply to the panel.
2. When powering up always power-up the mains supply first before the battery
supply. The power-down should be done in reverse order.
3. When installing the cards into the master control board or backplane always
use anti-static work procedures.
4. Do not use anti-static procedures on live equipment.

Pre-visit checks

Ensure there are accurate as fitted wiring drawings available, 2 copies are required.
Any damaged equipment has been noted for replacement.
Ensure access will be provided to system equipment installed in the protected
The installer (electrical contractor) will be in attendance until the installation is
Site contact or representative will be available during the visit.
Ensure the commissioning tool along with the associated cables, printer and
instructions are available.
Ensure spare parts are available, such as:
MCP glasses
MCP test key
Printer paper roll
Equipment door keys.


Check the installation of fire alarm equipment with reference to the most recent as
fitted wiring drawings.
Get the feel of the operating condition of areas on the site:
action the installer to carry out any rectification work plus
report discrepancies for administration purposes.
Where the operating condition of an area is not right for the equipment installed, then
the appropriate replacement action must be taken.
Ensure the fire system equipment is installed in accordance with the appropriate
standards and project specification.
4188-856_issue 7_07/15_Generic Vigilon (Compact + VA) Comms.



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