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Korg MICROX X50 Parameter Manual: Routing

Music synthesizer and synthesizer/controller.
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Separately from this "On/Off" setting, MIDI control
changes CC#94 (MFX1) and CC#95 (MFX2) can be
received to turn each master effect off. A value of 0 is
off, and a value of 1–127 restores the original setting.
You can also use "FX SW" (GLOBAL 0–1b) to turn off
MFX1 and MFX2 in the same way. This is controlled on
the global MIDI channel "MIDI Channel" (GLOBAL 1–

2. Routing

Two master effects (MFX 1 and 2) can be used in any mode.
If you are not using the Insert Effect in any mode, the Master
Effects send levels are determined by the "Send Level 1/2
(MFX2)" parameters specified independently for the oscilla-
tors (Program), timbres (Combination), tracks (Multi set).
For example, you can apply substantial reverberation to a
piano sound assigned to the timbre and tracks, a small
amount of reverberation to the strings sound, and no rever-
beration to the bass sound. If you are using the Insert Effect,
set the "S1 (Send1(MFX1))" and "S2 (Send2(MFX2))" param-
eters for the post-IFX signals.
2–1. Program mode
The PROG 8–1a MFX Send parameters "Send 1" and "Send
2" or the PROG 8–2a "S1 (Send1(MFX1))" and "S2
(Send2(MFX2))" parameters that follow IFX determine the
send levels to the master effects.
The PROG 8–1a MFX Send "Send 1" and "Send 2" settings
are used when "BUS Select" is set to L/R or Off. Each can be
set for oscillator 1 and 2.
The PROG 8–2a "S1 (Send1(MFX1))" and "S2
(Send2(MFX2))" settings that follow IFX are used when
"BUS Select" is set to IFX. If the insert effect are chained
(connected in series), the "S1 (Send1(MFX1))" and "S2
(Send2(MFX2))" that follows the last-connected IFX will be
If "BUS Select" is 1, 2 or 1/2, the oscillator will be directly
output to (INDIVIDUAL OUTPUT) 1, 2 (☞p.103 "Individ-
ual Outputs"). Send levels 1/2 will be ignored, and the mas-
ter effects will not be applied.
Send Level 1 can be controlled by MIDI Control Change
CC#93 and Send Level 2 can be controlled by MIDI
Control Change CC#91 on global MIDI channel "MIDI
Channel" (GLOBAL 1–1a). At this time, the actual send
level uses the value of the Send 1 and 2 settings for
Oscillators 1 and 2, multiplied by the Send Level 1 and
2 values received via MIDI.
– Setting for drum program –
If the program "Oscillator Mode" (PROG 1–1a) is Drums,
the "USE DKit Setting" (PROG 8–1b) will be used.
If this is checked, the setting for each key of the selected
drum kit will be used. The drum instrument for a key whose
drum kit "BUS (Bus Select)" (GLOBAL 4–3a) parameter is
set to L/R or Off will use the "S1 (Send1(MFX1))" and "S2
(Send2(MFX2))" (GLOBAL 4–3a) settings. If IFX is used, the
"S1 (Send1(MFX1))" and "S2 (Send2(MFX2))" (PROG 8–2a)
after passing through IFX will be used.
If this is not checked, the "Send 1" and "Send 2" (PROG 8–
1a, MFX Send) settings or the "S1 (Send1(MFX1))" and "S2
(Send2(MFX2))" (PROG 8–2a) settings after passing through
IFX will be used for all drum instruments. (This is the same
as when "Oscillator Mode" is Single or Double.)
2–2. Combination, Multi mode
Use "S1 (Send1(MFX1))" and "S2 (Send2(MFX2))" (8–1(2)a)
for timbres (Combination) and tracks (Multi set) to set the
Send level for each timbre and track. As with Program
mode, if "BUS Select" is set to L/R or Off, "S1
(Send1(MFX1))" and "S2 (Send2(MFX2))" become effective.
In this case, the actual send level will be the setting of the
program (PROG 8–1a) used by the timbre/track multiplied
by the send level you specify here.
– Send level –
For example, if a Program's "OSC1 Send1" is set to 127,
"Send2" set to 064, "OSC2 Send1" set to 064, "Send2" set to
127, a Combination's "Send1" set to 064, and "Send2" set to
127, the actual send levels of the combination are calculated
as follows:
OSC1 Send1=127 (100%)*064(50%)=064(50%)
OSC1 Send2=064 (50%)*127(100%)=064(50%)
OSC2 Send1=064 (50%)*064(50%)=032(25%)
OSC2 Send2=127 (100%)*127(100%)=127(100%)
If IFX is selected for "BUS Select", use the "S1
(Send1(MFX1))" and "S2 (Send2(MFX2))" parameters for the
post-IFX signals.
If 1, 2 or 1/2 is selected instead, these settings are ignored
and the Master Effect is not applied.
Send Level 1 responds to MIDI Control Change CC#93,
and Send2 Level responds to MIDI Control Change
CC#91. If "Send1(MFX1)" and "Send2(MFX2)" for each
timbre/track are effective, the parameter will be con-
trolled on the MIDI channels set for the corresponding
timbres and tracks. If the "Send1(MFX1)" and
"Send2(MFX2)" parameters for the post-IFX signals are
effective, they can be controlled on the MIDI channels
assigned to IFX.
The following screens are examples in Combination mode.
The "BUS Select" setting in screen shot (1) sends timbre 1 to
IFX, and the remaining timbres to L/R. In this case, the send
levels from timbre 1 to the master effects are set by "S1
(Send1(MFX1))" and "S2 (Send2(MFX2))" after the signal
has passed through IFX: 01:St. Amp Simulation as shown in
screen shot (2). (In this example, these are set to 032 and 127
respectively.) Other timbres will use the "S1 (Send1(MFX1))"
and "S2 (Send2(MFX2))" settings shown in screen shot (1).
(At this time, the send level will be the send level of the pro-
gram oscillator multiplied by this send level.)



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