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Korg MICROX X50 Parameter Manual: 2-7: Othr..8

Music synthesizer and synthesizer/controller.
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This setting can be controlled and changed by received
MIDI RPN Pitch Bend Range messages. (These mes-
sages will not be received if the setting is PRG.) This is
controlled on the MIDI channel specified for each track
by "MIDI Channel" (2–1a/2a).
■ 2–5(6): UTILITY
☞"Write Multi," "Copy From Combi" (0–1)
For details on how to select the desired utility function, refer
to "PROG 0–1: UTILITY."
Detune BPM Adj. (Detune BPM Adjust)
If a drum program uses a multisample to match a specific
BPM, you can use this utility command to modify its BPM.
"Detune BPM Adj." changes the BPM of a phrase or rhythm
by modifying its pitch.
This command is available for a track if the track "Detune"
parameter is selected. When you execute this command, the
selected "Detune" value will be set automatically (☞PROG
1–2c, 1–3, GLOBAL 4–1b, 4–2).
For the procedure, refer to "Detune BPM Adj." (COMBI 2–
2–7: Othr..8
(Other T01–08)
2–8: Othr..16
(Other T09–16)
For each track, specify the delay time from note-on until the
sound is heard, and select the scale.
2–7(8)a: Delay [ms] , Use Prog's Scale
Delay [ms]
Specifies a delay time from when a track receives a note-on
until it actually sounds.
KeyOff: The sound will begin when note-off occurs. In this
case, the sound will continue indefinitely unless the amp EG
Sustain Level of the program is other than 0. This setting is
useful for simulating harpsichord sounds.
Normally you will leave this at 0.
Use Prog's Scale
Each track can use the scale that is specified for the program
by "Scale" (PROG 1–1c).
On (checked): The scale of the program will be used.
Off (unchecked): The scale specified by "Type (Multi's
Scale)" (2–1b/2b) will be used.
[0000...5000, KeyOff]
[Off, On]
2–7(8)b: Scale
Specifies the scale that will be used for the multi.
Type (Multi's Scale)
[Equal Temperament...User Octave15]
Selects the type of scale.
☞"Type (Scale Type)" (PROG 1–1c)
Selects the tonic key of the selected scale.
☞"Key" (PROG 1–1c)
As this value is increased, an increasingly random devia-
tion will be added to the pitch at each note-on.
☞"Random" (PROG 1–1c)
■ 2–7(8): UTILITY
☞"Write Multi," "Copy From Combi" (0–1)



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