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Korg MICROX X50 Parameter Manual: Multi Mode; Multi Page Menu; Multi 0: Play

Music synthesizer and synthesizer/controller.
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In Multi mode, the X50/microX functions as a 16-part multi-
timbral MIDI tone generator that can receive and play multi-
ple channels of MIDI messages from an external MIDI
sequencer. You can also make the arpeggiator play in syn-
chronization with an external MIDI sequencer.
A "Multi" has sixteen tracks for playing back musical data.
You can assign a separate program and MIDI channel etc. to
each track, so that multiple programs can sound simulta-
For details on how to select pages in Multi mode, refer to
0: Play Select multis.
Select a program for each track, and make
pan and level settings.
Select an external control set.
Tone Adjust 1: Tone Adjust Select the program used by each track.
Specify the pan and volume of each pro-
Use Tone Adjust to adjust parameters.
Track Param 2: Track Param MIDI, voice mode, pitch, delay, and scale
settings for each track. (☞p.61)
MIDI Filter1 3: MIDI Filter1 MIDI message transmission/reception filter
settings for each track: Prog Change, After
Touch, JS and Ribbon etc. (☞p.64)
MIDI Filter2 4: MIDI Filter2 Filter settings: Realtime Control Knob, SW,
and Other Ctrl Change (☞p.65)
Key Zone
5: Key Zone Key zone settings for each track. (☞p.67)
Vel Zone
6: Vel Zone Velocity zone settings for each track.
7: Arp/Ctrls Arpeggiator settings.
Controller settings. (☞p.69)
Insert Effect
8: InsertFX Set BUS and master effect send level for
each track. Insert effect routing, selection,
and settings. (☞p.72)
Master Effect
9: MasterFX Master effect selection and settings. Mas-
ter EQ settings. (☞p.73)

3. Multi mode

Here you can select multis, and make basic settings such as
selecting the program used by each track.
0–1: Multi
This display shows the selected multi set, the track that will
be played from the keyboard and the assignments made to
0–1a: Multi Select, Control Track, (Tempo)
Multi Select
Here you can select the multi set that you wish to use.
• Turn the [VALUE] dial.
• Use the [INC][DEC] buttons.
• Use the numeric buttons [0]–[9] to enter a program
• Press the center of the ClickPoint to highlight the field,
• Turn the [VALUE] dial.
• Press the center of the ClickPoint to highlight the field,
MULTI 0: Play
number, and press the [ENTER] button to finalize the
then use [π][†] to select a program, and press the
center to finalize your selection.
then use [π][†] to select a program, and press the
center to finalize your selection.
If "Multi Mode" (GLOBAL 0–2a) is set to Master, when
the multi set is changed, track whose "Status" is EXT,
EX2 or BTH will transmit bank and program number
via MIDI. If "Multi Mode" (GLOBAL 0–2a) is set to for
Master, switching the multi set will transmit bank
select, program change, volume, pan, portamento, send
1, 2, post IFX pan, and post IFX send 1 and 2 messages
on the MIDI channel of the corresponding track for
each track whose "Status" (2–1a/2a) is EXT, EX2, or
[000...127: name]


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