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Korg MICROX X50 Parameter Manual: 4-2: Low (low Sample); 4-3: Voice (voice/mixer)

Music synthesizer and synthesizer/controller.
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Write Drum Kits
This command writes all drum kits 00 (INT)–48 (User).
1 Select "Write Drum Kits" to access the dialog box.
2 To execute the Write command press the [MENU/OK]
button. To cancel, press the [EXIT/CANCEL] button.
Rename Drum Kit
This command renames the selected drum kit. You can input
a name of up to sixteen characters. (☞OG
Copy Drum Kit
This command copies the settings of another drum kit to the
currently-edited drum kit. Drum kits 40 (GM)–48 (GM) can-
not be edited, but you may copy them to another drum kit
and then edit them.
1 Select "Copy Drum Kit" to access the dialog box.
2 Select the copy source drum kit ("From").
3 To execute the Copy Drum Kit command press the
[MENU/OK] button. To cancel, press the [EXIT/CAN-
CEL] button.
Copy Key Setup
This command copies the settings of an individual key to
another key. You can also copy settings from two or more
contiguous keys at once.
1 Select "Copy Key Setup" to access the dialog box.
2 Specify the beginning of the range of keys to be copied
("From Key").
3 Select the copy destination key ("To Key").
If you selected multiple keys in "From Key," they will be
copied sequentially, starting at "To Key" and extending
4 To execute the Copy Key Setup operation, press the
[MENU/OK] button. To cancel, press the [EXIT/CAN-
CEL] button.
Select by Category
You can select drumsamples by category.
All drumsamples are grouped into one of sixteen categories.
For the procedure, refer to "Select by Category" (☞p.2)
It is not possible to edit the name of a drumsample cate-
gory or to change the assigned category of a drumsam-
4–2: Low
4–2a: Low (Low Sample)
Selects the Low drumsample. This will be sounded by veloc-
ities lower than the value set for "Vel. SW L→H" (4–1a).
The drumsample can be selected using the utility menu
command "Select by Category" (☞4–1).
S.Ofs (Start Offset)
Rev (Reverse)
Trans (Transpose)
Fc (Cutoff)
Reso (Resonance)
At (Attack)
Dc (Decay)
☞"High Drumsample" (4–1b)
■ 4–2: UTILITY
☞"Write Drum Kits," "Rename Drum Kit," "Copy Drum
4–3: Voice
For each key of a drum kit, you can set voice assign, pan,
and effect routing etc.
4–3a: Voice Assign Mode/Mixer
Voice Assign Mode:
Single Trig (Single Trigger)
On (checked): Even when the same key (note) is played
repeatedly, the previous note will be halted before the new
note is begun, so that the notes will not overlap. Normally
you will leave this unchecked.
Excl Group (Exclusive Group) [Off, 001...127]
001–127: This allows you to group keys to which a drum-
sample is assigned. Keys to which the same group number
is assigned will be treated as a single group, and will be
(Low Sample)
Kit," "Copy Key Setup," "Select by Category" (4–1)
[000...517: name]
[000...928: name]
[Off, On]
[Off, On]
[Off, On]



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