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Korg MICROX X50 Parameter Manual: 8-2: Setup

Music synthesizer and synthesizer/controller.
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value with the send level "S1 (Send1(MFX)), " "S2
(Send2(MFX))" (PROG 8–2a) for each oscillator of the
program selected for the timbre.
■ 8–1: UTILITY
☞"Write Combination," "Solo Selected Timbre" (0–1)
Copy Insert Effect
☞PROG 8–1
However, the MIDI control channel specified for "Con-
trol Channel" of the 8: Ed–InsertFX, Setup page will not
be copied.
DKit IFX Patch (DrumKit IFX Patch)
This command changes the "BUS Select" settings for each
key of the drum kit, so that connections to the IFX are tem-
porarily changed to L/R. This can be executed only if the
program specified for a timbre is a drum program, and the
"BUS Select" (8–1a) setting is DKit, and the "BUS Select"
(GLOBAL 4–3a) for each key of the drum kit is IFX.
1 Select "DKit IFX Patch" to access the dialog box.
2 At the right of "DrumKit IFX→," select L/R as the patch
3 To execute Drum Kit Insert Effect Patch, press the
[MENU/OK] button. To cancel, press the [EXIT/CAN-
CEL] button.
To return the drum kit to its original state, execute IFX →
8–2: Setup
Here you can select the type of insert effect, turn it on/off
8–2a: Ed–InsertFX Setup
IFX On/Off
Insert Effect
BUS Select
S1 (Send1(MFX1))
S2 (Send2(MFX2))
These parameters are the same as in Program mode.
(☞PROG 8–2)
However, dynamic modulation (Dmod) of the insert effect
[Off, On]
[00...89: name]
[L/R, 1, 2, 1/2, Off]
and the "Pan (CC#8), "Send1(MFX1)," and "Send2(MFX2)"
that follow the insert effect will be controlled on the "Con-
trol Channel" (8–2b) MIDI channel, unlike in Program
mode. The control changes used are the same as in Program
8–2b: Control Channel
Control Channel
[Ch01...16, G ch, All Rt.]
Specifies the MIDI channel on which dynamic modula-
tion (Dmod) of the insert effect and the "Pan (CC#8),
"Send1(MFX1)," and "Send2(MFX2)" that follow the
insert effect will be controlled.
The channel number of the timbre routed through this IFX
will be followed by a "
" displayed at the right of Ch01–16.
If two or more timbres with different MIDI channel settings
are routed through the IFX, this parameter specifies which
of these channels will be used to control the effect.
G ch: The global MIDI channel "MIDI Channel" (GLOBAL
1–1a) will be used to control the effect. Normally you will set
this to G ch.
All Rt. (All Routed): The channel of any timbre routed
through this effect can be used to control the effect. (Chan-
nels of each routed timbre will be indicated by "
If "BUS Select" (8–1a) is set to DKit for a timbre for
which a drums program is selected, the MIDI channel
of that timbre will be valid only if this is set to All Rt.,
regardless of the drum kit "BUS Select" setting (GLO-
BAL 4–3a) or the Utility "DrumKit IFX Patch" (8–1b)
8–2c: Routing Map, BUS Select
This displays the bus to which the programs used by tim-
bres 1–8 will be sent.
Routing Map
This displays the insert effect settings. The routing, the spec-
ified effect name, and the on/off status are shown.
T01...8: BUS Sel [DKit, L/R, IFX, 1, 2, 1/2, Off]
While viewing the map, you can specify the bus where each
timbre 1–8 will be sent.
Use the ClickPoint [√][®][π][†] to select the timbre, and
use the [VALUE] dial to set "BUS Select" (8–1a).
These settings can also be made in "BUS Select" (8–1a).
■ 8–2: UTILITY
☞"Write Combination," "Solo Selected Timbre" (0–1),
"Copy Insert Effect" (PROG 8–1), "Dkit IFX Patch" (8–1),
"Select by Category" (PROG 8–2)



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