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Korg MICROX X50 Parameter Manual Page 90

Music synthesizer and synthesizer/controller.
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AfterT (After Touch)
On (checked): MIDI after touch messages will be transmit-
ted and received.
Off (unchecked): MIDI after touch messages will neither be
transmitted nor received.
This setting affects the operation when GLOBAL 0–3:
Foot "Foot SW Assign" or "Foot Pedal Assign" is set to
After Touch.
Ctrl Change (Control Change)
On (checked): Control change messages will be transmitted
and received.
Off (unchecked): Control change messages will not be
transmitted or received.
On (checked): System exclusive data will be transmitted
and received. Check this setting when you wish to use a
connected computer etc. to edit this instrument, or vice
Off (unchecked): System exclusive data will neither be
transmitted nor received. Normally you will leave this
However, system exclusive data will be transmitted and
received while the page menu commands ("Dump Pro-
gram"–"Dump All") of this page are displayed.
■ 1–1: UTILITY
☞"Write Global Setting" (0–1)
For details on how to select the desired utility function, refer
to "PROG 0–1: UTILITY."
Dump Program
Dump Combination
Dump Multi
Dump Drum Kit
Dump Arpeggio Pattern
Dump Ext. Control Setup
Dump Global Setting
Dump All
These commands allow this instrument's data to be trans-
mitted to another connected X50/microX, MIDI data filer, or
computer in the form of system exclusive data.
Selects the data to be dumped from the Utility menu (see the
table below) to access the dialog box.
Select the bank and number of the data you want to dump,
and then press the center of the ClickPoint.
Dump Program
Programs of all banks, programs of the
specified bank, one program
Dump Combination
Combinations of all banks, combinations of
the specified bank, one combination
Dump Multi
All multi sets
Dump Drum Kit
All drum kits, One drum kit
Dump Arpeggio Pattern All arpeggio patterns, One arpeggio pattern
microX: Dump Ext. Control
All external control sets or one external con-
trol set
[Off, On]
Dump Global
Dump All
Do not touch this instrument's switches or turn off the
power while data is being transmitted.
[Off, On]
Data dump transmission procedure
1 Connect this instrument to the device that will receive
the data dump.
If you're using a computer that is able to receive MIDI
exclusive messages, connect the computer's USB connec-
[Off, On]
tor to the X50/microX's USB connector. Alternatively,
connect the MIDI IN connector of your computer's MIDI
interface to the X50/microX's MIDI OUT connector
If you are using a MIDI data filter etc., connect this
instrument's MIDI OUT connector to the MIDI IN con-
nector of the MIDI data filter.
Some USB-MIDI interface devices may not be able to
transmit or receive the X50/microX's MIDI exclusive
2 Select GLOBAL 1: MIDI.
3 In the Utility menu, select the data that you wish to
Shown below the "Dump Program" screen.
If you wish to dump all program data, set "Program" to
If you wish to dump data for an individual bank, set
"Program" to Bank, and specify the bank number below
it. If you wish to dump data for an individual program,
set "Program" to Single, and specify the program num-
ber below it.
4 Use the "To" field to specify the output destination of the
Choose MIDI OUT if you want to send the data from the
MIDI OUT connector. Choose USB if you want to send
the data from the USB connector.
5 Press the [MENU/OK] button to transmit the data.
While the data is being transmitted, the display will indi-
cate "Now transmitting data."
The data size and the time required for transmission will
depend on the type of data.
For the size and the time required to dump each type of
data, refer to the table below.
Type of data dumped
Program All
Program Bank
Program Single
Combination All
Combination Bank
Combination Single
Multi All
Multi Single
Global settings (except for the Drum Kits
and User Arpeggio Patterns of Global
All banks of programs + combinations +
drum kits + arpeggio patterns + global set-
Data size
Time required
X50 (A...D)
microX (A...E)



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