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Paging; Meet-me Answer - Panasonic S-ics Technical Manual

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Chapter 5. Key Telephone Features


The System allows you to make both internal and external pages and announcements. Internal pages
are made via the System's key telephone speakers. External pages are made through the speakers of
an external paging system connected to the System.
Paging calls can be answered from any extension using the Meet-Me Answer feature.
To make a page:
1. Lift the handset or press the ON/OFF key.
2. Enter the Group Paging code (default = #).
3. Enter the number of the desired paging group (0-9).
4. Make your announcement.
5. Replace the handset or press the ON/OFF key.

Meet-Me Answer

To answer a page using Meet-Me Answer:
1. Lift the handset or press the ON/OFF key.
2. Enter the Meet Me Answer code (default = ##).
Hardware Requirements
External relays, amplifier, and speakers are required for external paging.
You can assign the paging access code to a one-touch or FF key. Beginning with Version 4.5 and
higher, the assigned FF key LED indicates whether the paging system is in use. If the paging
system is not in use when a page is originated, the FF key LED lights solid green on the
originator's telephone. If someone in the paging group initiates a page, assigned FF key LEDs on
all other telephones will light solid red until the page has been terminated.
If an external paging system has been connected, pages can be made to paging groups 0-9
through the external speakers. Voice paging can also be heard over the extensions in groups 0-9.
An extension can belong to more than one paging group.
Only one page may be performed at a time. If you attempt to make a page while another
extension is paging, you will receive a busy signal unless your system allows Paging Override.
Beginning with Version 4.5 and higher, the paging system can be set to "timeout" if a page is
longer than a specified length of time (0 to 255 seconds). If this feature is set and the timeout
S-ICX (International) issued April 2002
Section 700 - Operation
Intercom dial tone
Intercom dial tone
Connected to specified party


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