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Panasonic KX-TGF320E Operating Instructions Manual

Digital corded/cordless answering system.
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Before initial use, see "Getting Started" on
page 10.
Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic product.
Please read these operating instructions before using the unit and save them for future

Operating Instructions

Digital Corded/Cordless Answering System
Model No.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Digital Corded/Cordless Answering System KX-TGF320E Model No. Before initial use, see “Getting Started” on page 10. Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic product. Please read these operating instructions before using the unit and save them for future reference. TGF320E(en)_0123_ver020.pdf 2015/01/23...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction Answering system settings .......46 Accessory information ........3 Useful Information General information ..........4 Voicemail service ..........48 Important Information Wall mounting ...........48 Character entry ..........49 For your safety ............6 Error messages ..........51 Important safety instructions .......7 Troubleshooting ..........51 For best performance .........7 Conditions of guarantee ........55 Other information ..........8...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    *1 The desk stand/wall mounting adaptor comes attached to the base unit. *2 See page 3 for replacement battery information. *3 The handset cover comes attached to the handset. Additional/replacement accessories Please contact your nearest Panasonic dealer for sales information. Accessory item Model number Battery type: Rechargeable batteries –...
  • Page 4: General Information

    Introduction *2 By registering the key finder (4 max.) to a Panasonic Digital Cordless Phone and attaching it to an easy-to-lose item in advance, you can locate and find the mislaid item to which the key finder is attached. Please visit our Web site:
  • Page 5 Introduction Contact to Authorised Representative: Panasonic Testing Centre Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany Ecodesign information Ecodesign information under EU Regulation (EC) No. 1275/2008 amended by (EU) Regulation No. 801/2013. From 1 January 2015. Please visit here:
  • Page 6: Important Information

    Important Information Operating safeguards For your safety R Unplug the product from power outlets before cleaning. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. To prevent severe injury and loss of life/property, R Do not disassemble the product. read this section carefully before using the product R Do not spill liquids (detergents, cleansers, etc.) to ensure proper and safe operation of your onto the telephone line cord plug, or allow it to...
  • Page 7: Important Safety Instructions

    Base unit location/avoiding noise R Charge the batteries provided with or identified The base unit and other compatible Panasonic for use with this product only, in accordance units use radio waves to communicate with each with the instructions and limitations specified in other.
  • Page 8: Other Information

    Important Information R The product should be kept away from heat your national legislation and the Directives sources such as radiators, cookers, etc. It 2002/96/EC and 2006/66/EC. should not be placed in rooms where the By disposing of these products and batteries temperature is less than 0 °C or greater than correctly, you will help to save valuable resources 40 °C.
  • Page 9 Important Information Maximum: Approx. 2.8 W Charger: Standby: Approx. 0.12 W Maximum: Approx. 1.8 W R Operating conditions: 0 °C–40 °C, 20 %–80 % relative air humidity (dry) Helpline Tel. No.: U.K. 0844 844 3899 Ireland 01289 8333 TGF320E(en)_0123_ver020.pdf 2015/01/23 18:26:29...
  • Page 10: Getting Started

    Connect the telephone line cord to the Note: telephone line jack until you hear a click. A DSL/ADSL filter (not supplied) is required if R Use only the supplied Panasonic AC adaptor you have a DSL/ADSL service. PNLV233E. Connect the corded handset cord to the...
  • Page 11: Handset Battery Charging

    R Confirm correct polarities ( Charged” is displayed. *1 The base unit can fully charge Ni-MH batteries in about 15 hours. *2 We recommend using Panasonic rechargeable batteries (page 3). *3 Only insert alkaline batteries once a power failure occurs. Remove the alkaline batteries when power is restored.
  • Page 12: Note When Setting Up

    R Handset/Base unit: For replacement, we The base unit display is blank. recommend using the Panasonic rechargeable – “Off” (default): You can use the full functions batteries noted on page 3, 7. of the base unit, but battery life is not extended.
  • Page 13: Controls

    Getting Started – MDN, MCN, MFN, or MEN: Scroll through various Controls lists and items. – VOL. (Volume: MDN or MCN): Adjust the receiver or speaker volume while talking. Handset – MFN : View the phonebook entry. – MEN REDIAL: View the redial list. –...
  • Page 14: Display Icons

    Getting Started MCALL BLOCKN Item Meaning N (ANSWER ON/OFF) Noise reduction is set. (page 19) ANSWER ON/OFF indicator ( The LCD and key backlight is off. MERASEN N (PLAY/STOP) (page 31) Message indicator R When displayed next to the Desk stand/Wall mounting adaptor battery icon: Answering system R The adaptor is a removable attachment for is on.
  • Page 15: Turning The Power On/off

    Getting Started Icon Action Language setting Opens the phonebook. Selects a character entry mode. Display language Turns the key lock feature off. (page 21) Handset / Base unit n When you select a language other than MMENUN#110 English MbN: Select your desired language. a MOKN Icon Action Proceed with the operation for your unit.
  • Page 16: Other Settings

    Getting Started MbN: “Yes” a MOKN Record a greeting message. a MSTOPN Proceed with the operation for your unit. Handset: MOFFN Base unit: MEXITN Other settings Eco mode setting Handset You can select the desired eco mode setting by pressing MECON. The following settings are available for eco mode.
  • Page 17: Making/answering Calls

    Making/Answering Calls Using the speakerphone Making calls During a conversation with the corded handset, press M N to turn on the Using the handset speakerphone. R You can place the corded handset on the cradle. Lift the handset and dial the phone number. R Speak into the base unit microphone.
  • Page 18: Answering Calls

    Making/Answering Calls Handset Press MAMPLIFIED VOLUMEN repeatedly to 0 a MDN (Pause) select the desired volume while ringing. Dial the phone number. a M R Each press MAMPLIFIED VOLUMEN, ringer volume is increased by several levels. Base unit 0 a MPAUSEN Useful features during a call Dial the phone number.
  • Page 19: Call Share

    Making/Answering Calls R This feature is not available while using the Recall/flash speakerphone. Handset / Base unit Handset equalizer MRECALLN allows you to use the special features of your host PBX such as transferring an extension This feature clarifies the voice of the person you call, or accessing optional telephone services.
  • Page 20: Intercom

    Making/Answering Calls – Base unit: To finish intercom, place the To complete the transfer: corded handset on the cradle. If the Press MOFFN. speakerphone is used, press MZN. To answer To establish a conference call: the call, lift the corded handset. If the MMENUN a MbN: “Conference”...
  • Page 21: Key Lock

    Making/Answering Calls MbN: Select the desired setting. a MOKN Proceed with the operation for your unit. Handset: MOFFN Base unit: MEXITN Key lock Handset The handset can be locked so that no calls or settings can be made. Incoming calls can be answered, but all other functions are disabled while key lock is on.
  • Page 22: Nuisance Call Block

    Nuisance Call Block If the caller’s phone number matches an entry in Using the call block button the call block list, the unit emits no sound to the caller, and disconnects the call. You can press the MBLOCKN on the handset or MCALL BLOCKN button on the base unit in the Storing a single phone number following situation to disconnect the current call...
  • Page 23 Nuisance Call Block MMENUN a MbN: “Add” a MOKN MbN: “Single Number” or “Range of Numbers” a MOKN Enter the desired number (2-8 digits). MbN: Select the desired entry. MOKN a MOFFN R After viewing, press MEXITN to exit. Base unit To edit a number: MEDITN a Edit the number.
  • Page 24: Phonebook

    Phonebook MbN: “Phonebook” a MOKN Phonebook To store the name, continue from step 3, “Editing entries”, page 25. You can add 100 names (16 characters max.) and phone numbers (24 digits max.) to the phonebook, Base unit and assign each phonebook entry to the desired MCIDN category (page 24).
  • Page 25: Speed Dial

    Phonebook To scroll through all entries Erasing all entries MbN: Select the desired entry. Handset / Base unit To search by first character Press the dial key (0 to 9, or #) which Proceed with the operation for your unit. contains the character you are searching Handset: MFN a MMENUN...
  • Page 26: Editing An Entry

    Phonebook – Press and hold the desired speed dial key (1 Adding phone numbers to speed dial to 9). keys – Press MSPEED DIALN and then enter the desired speed dial key (1 to 9). Handset You can assign 1 phone number to each of the Editing an entry dial keys (1 to 9).
  • Page 27: One-touch Dial Buttons

    Phonebook MbN: Select the desired entry. Making a call Lift the corded handset. Base unit Note for base unit: Press the desired one touch dial button (M N to R You can dial phone numbers in the speed dial M N), then lift the corded handset. while you are on a call.
  • Page 28: Programming

    Programming Menu list To access the features, there are 2 methods. Handset / Base unit n Scrolling through the display menus MMENUN Handset: Press MCN, MDN, MEN, or MFN to select the desired main menu. a MOKN Base unit: Press MCN, MDN, M N, or M N to select the desired main menu.
  • Page 29 Programming Sub-menu 1 Sub-menu 2 Settings Code Unit New Message Outgoing Call #338 – On/Off <Off> Alert Outgoing Call – – Notification to Outgoing Call Activate – Remote Code <Inactivate> Base Unit Beep #339 <Off> Settings 2-9 Rings #211 Number of Rings <8 Rings>...
  • Page 30 Programming Main menu: “Initial Setup” Sub-menu 1 Sub-menu 2 Settings Code Unit Ringer Setup Off-6 <6> #160 – Ringer Volume <Ringtone 1> #161 – Ringtone (Handset) Do Not Disturb #238 Mode <Off> – On/Off Do Not Disturb <23:00/06:00> #237 Mode –...
  • Page 31 Programming Sub-menu 1 Sub-menu 2 Settings Code Unit Nuisance Call Single Number – #217 Block Range of Numbers – Withheld #240 <Off> One Touch Dial – – #247 Speed Dial – – #261 *1, *9 – <Off> #725 Eco Mode Eco Plus *1, *9 –...
  • Page 32 Programming Sub-menu 1 Sub-menu 2 Settings Code Unit – #138 Repeater Mode <Off> Register Register Handset – #130 – #131 Cancel Register – – #131 Cancel Register Battery Saving – #150 Mode <Off> Language Display <English> #110 Main menu: “Baby Monitor” Sub-menu 1 Sub-menu 2 Settings...
  • Page 33: Alarm

    Programming *1 If you program these settings using one of the units, you do not need to program the same item using another unit. *2 This menu is not displayed when scrolling through the display menus. It is only available in direct command code.
  • Page 34: Do Not Disturb Mode

    Programming MbN: Select the desired alarm tone. a MOKN Changing the start and end time R We recommend selecting a different ringer Handset / Base unit tone from the one used for outside calls. MMENUN#237 MbN: Select the desired snooze setting. a MOKN Continue from step 3, “Turning do not disturb mode on/off”, page 34.
  • Page 35 Programming monitoring handset, base unit, or the phone To monitor from an outside line number stored when it detects sound. If you enable this feature, the unit will call a Important: pre-programmed phone number when the handset detects sound. After you answer the call, you can R You should perform a test run of the baby listen in on the room where the handset is located.
  • Page 36: Other Programming

    Programming – To answer the call with the base unit, press MbN: “On” a MOKN MZN 3 times. MbN: Select the outside line. a MEDITN *1 If MMUTEN is pressed, press M N 2 times. MMENUN a MbN: “Edit” a MOKN Edit the name if necessary.
  • Page 37: Registering A Unit

    Programming restricted units from dialling any phone number in Changing the base unit PIN that area code. Important: Handset / Base unit R If you change the PIN (Personal Identification MMENUN#256 Number), please make note of your new PIN. The unit will not reveal the PIN to you. If you Enter the base unit PIN (default: “0000”).
  • Page 38 Increasing the range of the base unit You can increase the signal range of the base unit by using a DECT repeater. Please use only the Panasonic DECT repeater noted on page 3. Contact your Panasonic dealer for details. Important: R Before registering the repeater to this base unit, you must turn the repeater mode on.
  • Page 39: Caller Id Service

    Caller ID Service stored name in the phonebook is displayed and Using Caller ID service logged in the caller list. Important: Talking Caller ID R This unit is Caller ID compatible. To use Caller ID features, you must subscribe to a Caller ID Handset / Base unit service.
  • Page 40: Erasing Selected Caller Information

    Caller ID Service Note: R If the entry has already been viewed or answered, “ ” is displayed. Editing a caller’s phone number Handset MCN CID MbN: Select the desired entry. a MMENUN MbN: “Edit & Call” a MOKN Edit the number. Base Unit MCIDN MbN: Select the desired entry.
  • Page 41: Answering System

    Answering System To turn off: Answering system MMENUN#328 MOFFN The answering system can answer and record Note for base unit and handset: calls for you when you are unavailable to answer R When the answering system is turned on: the phone. –...
  • Page 42: Listening To Messages

    Answering System message, your own recorded greeting message is Operating the answering system during erased. playback You can configure this setting using either the base unit or one of the handsets. Operation MDN or MCN Adjust the speaker volume Handset / Base Unit MMENUN#304 MAMPLIFIED VOLUMEN...
  • Page 43: Advanced New Message Alerting Features

    Answering System Calling back (Caller ID subscribers only) Using the handset Press MMENUN during playback. When new messages have been recorded, MbN: “Call Back” a MOKN displayed on the handset with the total number of new messages. n Editing the number before calling back To listen to new messages: Press MMENUN during playback.
  • Page 44 Answering System You can configure this setting using either the Turning on/off the new message alert setting base unit or one of the handsets. Handset / Base Unit Important: MMENUN#338 R A new message alert is stopped 1 minute after MbN: “On/Off”...
  • Page 45: Remote Operation

    Answering System Activating/inactivating the remote access code Remote operation to play messages If you activate this feature, you must enter the Using a touch-tone phone, you can call your remote access code (page 45) to play the new phone number from outside and access the unit to message from the new message alert call.
  • Page 46: Answering System Settings

    Answering System Enter your remote access code within 10 Voice guidance seconds after the long beep. R The greeting message is played back. During remote operation, the unit’s voice guidance R You can either hang up, or enter your starts and prompts you to press 1 to perform a remote access code again and begin specific operation, or press 2 to listen to more remote operation (page 45).
  • Page 47 Answering System Handset / Base Unit Selecting “Greeting Only” You can select “Greeting Only” which sets the MMENUN#211 unit to announce a greeting message to callers but MbN: Select the desired setting. a MOKN not record messages. Proceed with the operation for your unit. Select “Greeting Only”...
  • Page 48: Useful Information

    Useful Information A Turn the adaptor so that the words “UP Voicemail service WALL” are facing up. B Tuck the telephone line cord inside the wall Voicemail is an automatic answering service mounting adaptor. offered by your phone service provider. After you C Connect the AC adaptor cord and subscribe to this service, your service provider/ telephone line cord.
  • Page 49: Character Entry

    Useful Information Character entry The dial keys are used to enter characters and numbers. Each dial key has multiple characters assigned to it. The characters that can be entered depend on the character entry mode (page 49). – Handset: Press MFN or MEN to move the cursor left or right. –...
  • Page 50 Useful Information Extended 1 character table ( R The following are used for both uppercase and lowercase: Extended 2 character table ( R The following are used for both uppercase and lowercase: Cyrillic character table ( Helpline Tel. No.: U.K. 0844 844 3899 Ireland 01289 8333 TGF320E(en)_0123_ver020.pdf 2015/01/23 18:26:31...
  • Page 51: Error Messages

    Useful Information Error messages Display message Cause/solution Base no power R Confirm the base unit’s AC adaptor is connected to the unit and the power outlet correctly. No link. R The handset has lost communication with the base unit. Move Reconnect closer to the base unit and try again.
  • Page 52 Useful Information Problem Cause/solution I cannot hear a dial tone. R Make sure that you are using the supplied telephone line cord. Your old telephone line cord may have a different wiring configuration. R The base unit’s AC adaptor or telephone line cord is not connected.
  • Page 53 Useful Information Making/answering calls, intercom Problem Cause/solution is displayed. R The handset is too far from the base unit. Move closer. R The base unit’s AC adaptor is not properly connected. Reconnect AC adaptor to the base unit. R The handset is not registered to the base unit. Register it (page 37).
  • Page 54 Useful Information Problem Cause/solution Time on the unit has shifted. R Incorrect time information from incoming Caller ID changes the time. Set the time adjustment to “Manual” (off) (page 30). The name stored in the R Edit the phonebook entry name to fit in 1 line of text (page 25). phonebook is not fully displayed while an outside call is being received.
  • Page 55: Conditions Of Guarantee

    8. The guarantee period applicable to this product shall be 12 months. Please keep these operating instructions with your receipt. Panasonic U.K. a branch of Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH Receipt No. Date of purchase Model No.
  • Page 56: Index

    Index K Key finder: 30, 32 Index Key lock: 21 Keytones: 31 A Additional handsets: 37 M Making calls: 17 Alarm: 33 Missed calls: 39 Answering calls: 18 Mute: 18 Answering system: 41 N Noise reduction: 19 Call screening: 46 Nuisance call block: 22 Erasing messages: 42, 43, 46 O OK Key: 13, 14...
  • Page 57 Notes TGF320E(en)_0123_ver020.pdf 2015/01/23 18:26:31...
  • Page 58 Notes TGF320E(en)_0123_ver020.pdf 2015/01/23 18:26:31...
  • Page 59 Notes TGF320E(en)_0123_ver020.pdf 2015/01/23 18:26:31...
  • Page 60 2 Check if telephone line cord is connected. 3 Use rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. (Alkaline/Manganese/Ni-Cd batteries CANNOT be used.) 4 Read troubleshooting page in the Operating Instructions. If you still have any problems, please call the Panasonic DECT Helpline 0844 844 3899 (U.K.) 01289 8333 (Ireland) or contact us through our website:

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