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Priority Rules; Other Priority Considerations - Honeywell IFP-2100 Installation And Operation Manual

Analog/addressable fire system emergency communication system
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The Event Priority Table contains the following events for modification:
Fire Manual Pull Alarm
Fire Detector Alarm
Fire Water Flow Alarm
Fire Interlock Release Alarm
Fire Zone Aux 1 Alarm
Fire Zone Aux 2 Alarm
Fire System Aux 1 Alarm
Fire System Aux 2 Alarm
CO Alarm
Fire Pre-Alarm
Fire Interlock Alert
Fire Supervisory
CO Supervisory
Site F Key Status
System Status
Note: Status Points, Status Voice Aux 1, Status Voice Aux 2, and Background Music are contained within the Sys-
tem Status event priority.
Note: All fire, emergency and system troubles are prioritized into the Trouble event priority.

Priority Rules

Event priorities can be changed only within, not between, priority levels (defined by bold lines in Table 10-
Emergency LOC Alarm must always higher than Emergency 1-8 Point Alarm and Emergency Voice Aux 1-
4 Alarm.
ECS events do not need to be in order by ECS number.

Other Priority Considerations

There are other considerations to take into account when the same event is acting on the same output group (an
event being mapped to an output group.) These are prioritized in order of appearance:
For voice system utilizing dual channel, normal mapping takes priority over alert mapping. Example: Zone 1
Manual Pull is mapped to Voice Group 1 as an Alert 1 mapping and Zone 2 Manual Pull is mapped to Voice
Group 1 as a normal mapping. If Zone 1 and Zone 2 Manual Pull events are active, Voice Group 1 will
annunciate the Fire Alarm message defined in the Voice Settings for the panel's assigned site.
Event priority is considered here based on the Event Priority Table.
If an output group is mapped both directly and through an output group template to an event, the direct map
Table 10-1: Event Priority Table
Fire System
Emergency System
Emergency LOC Alarm
Emergency 1 Point Alarm
Emergency 2 Point Alarm
Emergency 3 Point Alarm
Emergency 4 Point Alarm
Emergency 5 Point Alarm
Emergency 6 Point Alarm
Emergency 7 Point Alarm
Emergency 8 Point Alarm
Emergency Voice Aux 1 Alarm
Emergency Voice Aux 2 Alarm
Emergency Voice Aux 3 Alarm
Emergency Voice Aux 4 Alarm
Emergency Supervisory
System Operation


Table of Contents

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