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Network Paging; Priority - Honeywell IFP-2100 Installation And Operation Manual

Analog/addressable fire system emergency communication system
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Connect the PC to the FACP USB port using a standard USB cable. ECS-NVCM will use the USB on the
FACP (See Figure 11-8). ECS-VCM will use the USB port on the ECS-VCM.
Run the Voice Message Load software.
Select "Read from Panel" to read a message and store onto your hard drive, or "Write to Panel" to transfer a
.SKE formatted message to the panel.
Select the appropriate message location you wish to read/write.
Enter the file name you wish to transfer (Press "Browse" to display a list of files.)
Press "Start" to start the transfer.

11.9 Network Paging

For Network Paging Network paging allows live voice paging between panels across the network. The ECS-
NVCM, Network Voice Control Module, is needed for network paging. For more information see ECS-Series
installation manual P/N 151455.
The network paging source panel is the panel in the network that the microphone network paging audio is
originating from. One panel in the network can be the source panel at a time.
A network paging destination panel is a panel in the network that is receiving the network paging. Many panels
can be selected as a destination panel for the network paging. Network paging functions as an all call on the
destination panel(s) - all speaker circuits will be activated with the network paging audio on a destination
panel.the following need to be considered: Priority

Local microphone is higher priority than network paging (a user can page from their local panel even if the
local panel is currently receiving a network voice page).
Network Paging is higher priority than alarm and alert messages/tones
Network paging uses a VBus channel. In a dual channel system, network paging will use either VBus 1 or
VBus 2. If both buses are in use, network paging will overtake one of them.
Figure 11-8 USB Cable Connections
Emergency Communication System Operation


Table of Contents

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