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Ra-1000 Remote Annunciator Installation; Mounting The Ra-1000; Model Ra-1000 Remote Annunciator, Front View - Honeywell IFP-2100 Installation And Operation Manual

Analog/addressable fire system emergency communication system
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RA-1000 or RA-100 and power up the panel. This will initiate the Temporary Programming Display feature.
This allows the RA-2000, RA-1000 or RA-100 to act as the main annunciator for the RFP-2100 panel and allows
access to the idle screen and menu system for programming. While in this mode, a trouble will be annunciated
through the system to indicate the feature is being utilized. This is only available when no other annunciators are
programmed into the system. When running JumpStart Auto-programming, the system will ask if the intention is
to keep the display or remove it after programming.
When using the Temporary Display is no longer necessary; power the panel off, remove the display, and re-
power the panel.

RA-1000 Remote Annunciator Installation

The optional Model RA-1000 Remote Annunciator, is shown in Figure 4-18. Up to 31 annunciators can be added
to the IFP-2100 system.
Figure 4-18 Model RA-1000 Remote Annunciator, Front View
RA-1000 installation involves the following steps:
Make sure power is off at the panel.
Mount the RA-1000 in the desired location (see Section 4.6.1).
Connect the RA-1000 to the panel (see Section 4.6.2).
Use the DIP switches on the back of the RA-1000 to assign an ID# to the RA-1000 (see Section 4.12.1).
The new RA-1000 module must be added to the system through programming. JumpStart will add the mod-
ule automatically (see Section 8.1). You can also add it manually (see Section 9.2.2). Select a name, if
desired (see Section

Mounting the RA-1000

This section of the manual describes mounting the remote annunciator. The annunciator can be flush- or surface-
Figure 4-19 shows the parts of the annunciator. Instructions for disassembling and mounting appear on the
Control Panel Installation


Table of Contents

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