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Ecs Point Functionality; Amplifier Programming; Ecs-Vcm, Ecs-Nvcm & Ecs-Rvm Points; Adding An Amplifier - Honeywell IFP-2100 Installation And Operation Manual

Analog/addressable fire system emergency communication system
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Table of Contents
Model IFP-2100/ECS Installation Manual
Any alarm activated while under ECS Super User Control needs to be reset using an ECS Super User func-
tion enabled access code.
LOC priority and LOC lockout timer are ignored when passing ECS Control between ECS Super Users at
LOCs. If another ECS Super User attempts to gain ECS Control from an LOC, an ECS Control request is
presented to the ECS Super User at the LOC that currently has ECS Control.

11.4 ECS Point Functionality

Any input point in the system can be configured as an ECS input. The Point ECS 1-8 Alarm input types can be
used to trigger predetermined ECS events for output areas. ECS-VCM, ECS-NVCM or ECS-RVM points can be
programmed to trigger Voice Aux events that can allow external audio to be played through the emergency

ECS Point Activations

ECS points can only activate outputs and be placed into an alarm state if the system is not in Manual ECS State.
ECS points have no priority and all are allowed to be activated. If the ECS point is a higher priority than the Fire
System, then the system will play the highest event message through all ECS mapped outputs.
For example: Emergency 1 Point Alarm is higher priority than Emergency 2 Point Alarm. Emergency 1 Point
Alarm has message 1 mapped to through groups 1 and 2. Emergency 2 Point Alarm has message 2 playing
through groups 2 and 3. If a point for Emergency 1 Point Alarm and a point for Emergency 2 Point Alarm are
both active, the system will play message 1 through groups 1, 2, and 3.
Once Manual ECS State is active, points in Alarm state switch to an Active state. When the points are changed to
the Active state, they do not activate any system mapping or turn any outputs on. Any points that are activated
while in Manual ECS are also placed into the Active state and are not allowed to activate any mapping. The
system idle screen will show an ECS Alarm for any points in the Active state, and the detailed description of the
point will show the point as Active.
After an ECS Reset, any ECS points that are still active will again be put into Alarm.
The ECS-VCM, ECS-NVCM & ECS-RVM modules contain two programmable input points. These can be
programmed as any conventional switch input type. These also have the ability to be programmed as a trigger for
bringing external audio into the system. These special point types are: ECS Voice Aux In 1-4 Alarm, Voice Aux
In 1-2 Status, Background Music. When activated if the event has the highest Event Priority of all activated
events, it will activate the Aux In input to all outputs defined by the respective event program mapping.
Note: Background Music is only allowed to be mapped to circuit 8 of the ECS-DUAL50W amplifiers to ensure
correct active supervision.

11.5 Amplifier Programming


Adding an Amplifier

To add a new amplifier to the system, follow these steps:
Enter the installer code. The panel will automatically go to the main menu.
Select 7 for Panel Programming menu.
Press 1 to enter Module menu.
Press 2 to add a module.


Table of Contents

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