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Network System Hardware Features; Software Features; Ifp-2100Ecs Features - Honeywell IFP-2100 Installation And Operation Manual

Analog/addressable fire system emergency communication system
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1. The system can have a maximum of 63 SBUS devices in any combination.
2. RA-1000 and RA-100 can have a maximum of 31 devices used.

Network System Hardware Features

The default network setup can contain up to 32- IFP-2100/ECS / RFP-2100 panels connected.
Network support for up to 32 Sites.
Each building is referred to as a "site".
Panels can be interconnected using CLASS B or CLASS A topology.
To network panels together use the SK-NIC network card. Copper wire or fiber optic cable panel
connectivity can be used within the same networked system.
The network architecture provides true peer to peer capability allowing network survivability for all
hardware that remains operational in the event of partial system failure.

Software Features

Advanced analog smoke detector features:
Three sensitivity settings (high, medium, low)
Automatic drift compensation
Maintenance alert region
Point status meets calibrated smoke test requirements for NFPA 72
Automatic day/night sensitivity adjustment
"JumpStart AutoProgramming" feature for easy programming
Non-volatile event history stores 1000 events per panel
A choice of output patterns available for notification outputs, including ANSI 3.41 temporal signal
Built-in synchronization appliance support for AMSECO, Gentex

IFP-2100ECS Features

15 Recordable one minute messages that can be mapped to eight ECS buttons.
ECS messages can be selected as priority over fire.
Support of up to 15 ECS-LOC's.
Programmable trigger inputs from an external source, such as a Monaco system, to either the ECS-VCM,
ECS-NVCM, ECS-RVM, 5880, any SLC input module or Flexput module.
Support for up to 16 SBUS addressable amplifiers using a combination of ECS-50W, ECS-125W, ECS-
INT50W or ECS-DUAL50W for a maximum of 2000 watts per system and up to 128 mappable speaker
Support for dual channel and backup audio using the ECS-DUAL50W amplifier and ECS-50WBU back-up
Single enclosure for both Fire and Emergency Control System components.
Support for one ECS-VCM or ECS-NVCM.
, System Sensor
, and Wheelock


Table of Contents

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